"Zoom" turned on in "Accessibility", Astropad gets lost occasionally


I’m new to Astropad, just bought an iPad Pro 9.7" yesterday. I like to share this issue I faced today.
When you have “Zoom” switched on in “Accessibility”, Astropad (or the iPad??) gets lost occasionally. The screen is zoomed in at the maximum zoom level and the screen locked, you only can see the middle of the different screens. It was a little bit of a struggle to find what caused the problem and to find the settings icon on the zoomed and on locked part of the screen, to switch of “Zoom”.
So the best thing to do I think is: switch of "Zoom’ before you start Astropad.



Can you upload a video of what you are doing exactly? would love to fully understand this issue. Thanks!


Hi Giovanni,

It was for the first time I used Astopad. What I was doing exactly I can’t remember, something with zooming by pinching two fingers out. It was in Lightroom, development mode. I was too busy to fix the problem (my new iPad running as it had to do;) to remember. Sorry for that.
Today I switched zoom on again and I cannot reproduce it. When I face the problem again I will come back to you.