zBrush preformance on Astorpad (Video and thoughts)


Wow! You guys have done a great job. I used Astropad years ago and I never thought it would be up to par for serious applications. Here’s my quick video impressions:

Feedback for the devs for improvements:

  1. Add a shorcut key to allow, or just a option to make finger inputs to default to right mouse button, while leaving pen inputs default to left. This would be a huge workflow improvement for zBrush! This would allow your finger to be used for rotating, panning and zooming, and leave the pencil for sculpting and selecting. Currently to zoom, pan or rotate in zbrush, you have to select off the model, which isn’t always possible, or use a safe area. Not super optimal.

  2. Allow shortcut keys to hold by sliding them to the right or left, and not having to hold your finger on them. Some shortcuts in zBrush needs 4 buttons held at once, it would be great to be able to just toggle them on and off versus holding down 4 buttons at once. I’m aware I can bind a key to all the buttons, but having a shortcut for every button combo would really clutter up the shortcut key space.

  3. Alternatively to my first suggestion, allow shortcut keys to bind to mouse buttons as well. It would be great to have an alternative button for alt that, when used, made a pen press function as a right click for panning.


  1. Even with magic gestures completely disabled, I still have to enable finger mode manually.
    If I’ve got no magic gestures, any moving touch input should automatically function as a finger mode input because there’s no magic gesture to preform. Yet, every time I enable finger mode, and use the pen, i have to turn it back on over and over.

  2. The right click magic mouse gesture doesn’t work well within zBrush for two reasons.

It makes the model jump into position based on the last position of the mouse, causing the right click to make the model jump unless you do it excattly in the positon you last lifted up the cursor

Modifiers have to be used together with the right click to get most functions out of it, but with the current setup there’s no way to do that

Thanks for making such an awesome app!


For most 3D apps, a middle mouse click would be essential too.