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Zbrush and Astropad

Hey guys - I’m getting into zbrush and wanted to know if Astropad can be used with it now? I’ll be running Zbrushcore, if it makes a difference. I saw in September last year there were some threads on here reporting that there were some issues with pixelation but that Astropad were working to fix this. Is anyone using Astropad with zbrush? How is it now?

I would love to know this as well! There is next to no info on the internet about Astropad Studio and ZBrush which is a shame. Please if you have it running can you let us know how it behaves? Thanks!

I would love to see some info on if/how people are using Zbrush and Astropad.
The lack of info is the only reason Ive not made the upgrade to Studio.

So I have tested the combo with my ipadPro and a 2017 MBP 15 inch and it worked very nicely. Pressure feels slightly lower than with my Wacom but it is still a great experience and awesome for sketching in 3D on the couch. I would recommend it.