Wireless harddrive that uses raw


I have an Ipad Pro 12.7" and a Seagate Wireless Plus. When traveling I would like to upload my raws and jpegs to the drive-usually I will upload my SD cards when home to my Macbook Pro/harddrives via Lightroom. But I find myself using my Ipad Pro more and more–and would like to ahve a mobile storage device that accepts raw files. The Seagate does not appear to–i thought perhaps it wouldn’t preview but would store but it doesn’t even do that. I read about the WD My Passport Wireless and believe it recognizes raw–it allows downloads from SD cards. However, I prefer to upload my cards to my Ipad and transfer the ones i want to keep to the drive from there–don[t necessarily want to keep all the raws.

i would appreciate it if anyone having experience with wireless drives, especially with an Ipad since you will also have experience with an IOS app, shares that. I"m considering another wireless drive but don’t want to make another mistake.


Diane Fields


When I travel with just my iPad and a hard drive, I use a device to transfer all my RAW files to my Seagate drive (which is not wireless) or a 128gb pen drive. I don’t particularly like the device for its darn software that doesn’t allow you to see your RAW files to choose what you want to transfer, but it works well in that it allows me to copy all my RAW files in a SD card to my hard drive and it’s small to carry. This one is called RAVPower Filehub. I bought it long ago and I think that now you may find better similar devices.

I also use an app to see my RAW files, FileExplorer, but it’s slow in my iPad Air 2.

The way I work though, I choose a few RAW files and copy all my RAW files as a backup to my Seagate using this device. I connect it at night and leave it working. I charge it with the cable that comes with it connected to the iPad power charger or my iPhone’s.


I use the WD My Passport Wireless. Yes, you can transfer raw files from an SD card on to it, and the software app will allow you to view the copied SD folders but it does NOT show raw previews. It does allow other apps that can handle RAW files to register and you can use Open In but you have to do them one at a time, blindly, by filename. Unfortunately the easiest workaround is to shoot raw + jpeg. Then at least you can see the jpeg thumbnails directly, open them to view larger, and then use Open In on the corresponding raw file you want to work with. Unfortunately, as of this writing, none of the apps I would really like to use for raw have registered for Open In, e.g. Lightroom Mobile, PS Express or any other Adobe PS related apps. IIRC Snapseed and one or both of the Filterstorm apps are available and work well (I use Canon CR2 raw files). I am hoping this situation changes soon, especially with the announcement that the iPad Pro will soon get better native raw file handling.

On my Passport Wireless, the copy of one fairly full 32GB card takes a good half an hour and consumes more than 50% battery if started from full. So make sure you have auxiliary power for it. There are newer versions (My Passport Wireless Pro, I think it’s called) that hopefully have improved on both of these things. If you want to later import the copied SD directories to a computer with, say, Lightroom, that works well because the USB connection is USB 3.0 and of course, when connected this way, it gets power from the computer.


I just tried File Explorer. It’s better than the software app that came with the RAVPower, but it’s not much better than the one that comes with WD’s My Passport Wireless. For one, when looking at images (jpeg or raw), it does not show thumbnails, just a generic photos icon (flower). At least WDs software caches jpegs so the thumbnails are there in the file list. FE will only show them after you have browsed them. Both are very slow to deal with raw files. At least FE can browse them directly, however slowly. WD MyCloud cannot even do that. And if you select a raw file from the list in WD, it appears that the share icon that gets you to Open In is grayed and unavailable. Wait a minute or two, it will light up after the raw file is fully loaded. Open In works fairly quickly after that.

Correction to my previous post: Open In includes both Filterstorm Neue and Filterstorm, but only the Neue version works in receiving a raw file from the calling app. Regular Filterstorm does not.


I’ll have to try it again as for the time I used it (have not seen the latest update), it always shows the thumbnail of my photo, not a generic one.


What I found is that when I first look into the directory of a copied SD card on the drive, all the icons (raw + jpeg) are generic. As I touch each one to browse, it then shows a thumbnail for that image from then on.

WD’s software will build a cache of thumbnails in the background (although of course the app needs to be started up to do that). Their thumbnails will appear (after a little while) without touching. For jpeg only.


Thanks both of you so much. I may have to continue as I do now–hang onto to my SD cards for uploads to harddrives via Lightroom/Mac and i’ll backup anything i process on Ipad Pro on my wifi drive.


We have looked at a bunch of models on the market, of different paradigms, even including one solid-state model from WD, using fast NAND memory inside.