Wireless directly between Mac and iPad


Wireless is one of the best features of Astropad, but requires not just internet, a very good internet and router to work as stunning as it does with cable, but as we know, there are so many places without internet, why not add an option to connect the Mac and the iPad directly to enjoy all the benefits of wireless in the room of an hotel or any other place? I suspect an option like this would disable the internet connection, but if you already don’t have internet… why not?


You can already do this by going to your Mac’s Airport menu and choosing Create Network. Name the network if you want and connect your iPad to that network. Launch Astropad on both and away you go. The downside is, you will have no wireless internet on either device while you are connected this way.


Is this faster than using regular internet from your router you think??


I have not tested it, but it is likely much faster as long as there are no other devices connected to your Mac’s ad-hoc network. I have gigabit internet at home and a fast router, but I will be sure and test it this way next time I am out.


It worked, it takes me few tries to make them work, but I achieved, it performed well, but I was expecting a little better performance compared with my home Wi-Fi, because I have 30mbps, maybe is due the fact I have an iMac late 2012.

And its Wi-Fi is 802.11n, for I think it should perform better with models that have Wi-Fi 802.11ac, but now I have an option for wireless with no internet access.