Windows? Android?

We would like to have Astropad working with Windows.

It is unlikely we will be able to do it in 2016…
but in 2017 we definitely want to make it happen.


Ohnnn man! When astropad is released for Windows will be a raving l! Send more information when you start developing for windows! I’m crazy about it! :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:

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What will it take to get something like this going?
What is the reason nothing is going in this direction?
Thank you

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I don’t mind if the app doesn’t jump into Android soon, because I can use an iPad. But in Peru there is a majority of PCs and Windows users, even when they have an iPhone or iPad.

Thanks for your feedback. Windows has been a really popular request. However, as a small two person company we have limited resources and need to make hard decisions on where to focus. For now we just don’t have the time to keep improving the Mac version and build a Windows version.

Sorry :frowning: However, like @Giovanni said, who knows what the future holds.


Master Yoda said that… not me!


Maybe Kickstarter can help… just saying


Im sure with your creative genius you can figure it out! :wink:

That’s a pitty.

Keep in mind though that the competition is moving on (…

Yep! Lending my voice to this request. As I said in my other post, the competition creeps in :smile:

I would most certainly be interested in ‘kick-starting’ this direction! Especially in light of the fact that there is good presence of developers on the forum!

Looking GREAT! I hope to be able to use this someday soon!

I actually purchased the app thinking it worked with windows as well… I do use photoshop on my Mac but nowhere near as often as windows. Hopefully we can get a version :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that, please reach out to our support and we will offer a refund

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If this software worked with Windows I would buy it three times over! I can’t relate how bummed I am that it’s Mac only.

I do not mean to detract from the product - if you want to delete the following you are welcome to (or I will if asked) - but I’m curious to know what competitors products exist (if any) that work with PC. If anyone can recommend some I would be really appreciative.

I really hope your team can find the time to get Windows support sometime in the near future though. I will not hesitate to buy this if that happens.

Hello, I’m not an apple user, but as a creative guy I have a wacom intuos pro (which I use with my gaming windows pc and photoshop) and a galaxy note pro 12.2, and I have been following the i-pad pro and the apple pencil launch. I saw your app on youtube, and the idea of getting a tablet to work as a wacom cintiq is really good, I really appreciate someone actually got the courage to do that, thank you!
Now… If the same was possible with a windows pc and a note tablet… it would be awesome, really, I would pay more than happy for that. Remember the s-pen is still a really good competitor for the apple pencil, and the note pro has already been on the market for 2-3 years… Apple is the new one here! I would love to draw on photoshop out of my room with my note pro! :slight_smile:


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Having windows capability would be great, I tend to do 3D Model rendering on my desktop as server-grade CPU + GPU are far superior. However the iPad Pro would make a great graphic tablet too, and with windows sync would make productivity = 100% :slight_smile:

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I have an ipad pro and apple pencil and the pencil is awesome, no lag, no major issues! I love using it, its smooth, feels nice and solid in the hand. I would love to see it paired with Astropad and sorry to beat a point with windows.I think you will miss a major opportunity if you let this go. I am sure there is someone out there developing something comparable, but compatible with windows, PC and android!!

Please add Windows support. I just bought this to use on my Macbook and it’s got a lot of potential. Most of my work is done on my Windows desktop powerhouse though.

I just tried Duet Display as they have a windows app, but I can’t use the Apple pencil which kind of defeats the purpose.

Please please consider making a Windows version :slightly_smiling:

Aye, it would be brillant to have the iPad Pro running programs such as a fully kitted Photoshop in Windows. Alot of Architecture Students, such as I, run alot of design programs on windows (e.g. Sketchup w/ V-Ray, Rhino3D with Grasshopper and the usual InDesign and Photoshop applications), mostly due more compatiblity and cpu/gpu power for rendering. With the iPad Pro acting as a graphic tablet as well as a notetaker in University, I could certainly see alot of potential for you guys (the Developers). It’s a market waiting to be filled. :slight_smile:

I registered on your forum just to chime in on this. I live with a few artists that would love this app! I’ve been searching for several years for something like this for them. A bonus is that it would give the prohibitively expensive Wacom Cintiq a run for its money. Unfortunately so are Macs for many of us. Which is why a Windows port of this wonderful app would be so appreciated.

Please let my galaxy note 2014 works as a cintiq tablet to may windows pc! As soon as you can! :wink: