Window Size Retention


I often run into an issue with Astropad where I set up my window for a position on the screen for the app I am using. Then I need to pan over to something else for another app then when I get back to the original program I have to re-perfect the positioning for the window.

Is there a way we could get a “memorize/set this position” feature. Maybe something that retains the sizes and positions for a small number of different settings, selectable to snap back to the position I liked it but had to move it.

The Full Screen, 100% and 200% are nice, but some user crafted ones might be just what I am looking for.

Maybe in the future, but I guess this won’t much matter with Luna… but I will lob it out there for users without the future Luna.


This is my #1 reason why I’m a bit iffy on Astropad. Like SandboxOrphan (and I’m sure many others) I am often going back and forth, and the repositioning of the windows gets frustrating.

Perhaps something built into the desktop Astropad app? Please. Please.

I did find this …

I’m looking into it now.


Ok. Forget the Stay app. Not compatible with Photoshop. Drat.