Whiteboard App for Mac Recommendations


Hi. I’ve been an Astropad user since launch. I use it to annotate a live whiteboard in an online class I teach. Love it!

I also create screen cast videos for these classes. Usually that consists of demonstrations of software coding and display of PowerPoint files. For these recordings, I’d like to be able to write and draw on a “white board” on occasion. For instance, I might sketch out my approach to solving a problem. There are great apps for the iPad for this.

Any recommendations for a way to accomplish this on the Mac using Astropad and iPad Pro as the tablet. Would be helpful to easily switch between writing, typing and drawing mode with simple shapes and triangles.



Deskscribble: http://www.deskscribbleapp.com/ as well as Swordsoft Screenink: http://www.swordsoft.idv.tw/screenink/ work well with Astropad.
It’s also possible to use the annotation function for Powerpoint.


I’m jumping into this conversation with the hope that others can comment as well. One downside to these kinds of applications is the ability to save a live presentation. For example, when preparing a flipped lecture, one will want to draw on multiple slides and record a video of the lecture in real time. That is pretty easy to do now.

The challenge comes in if I wanted to save the presentation as a conventional slide deck with my annotations in place. Powerpoint on the Mac allows for slide annotation, but only while in presentation mode, which creates a mismatch with screen size between a large iMac and the iPad Pro (adjustable in Astropad, I know) but even worse is the pen tool in powerpoint is far too pixilated and just plain ugly.

Sadly, Keynote has not caught up with this functionality yet. Text looks much better when using something like Screenink over Keynote, but I’m back to the same problem of not having true in slide annotation. I think Keynote in iOS does allow for in slide annotation, so we almost need a reverse application of Astropad where the iPad screen is projected on the iMac where the video is running.


I have been using an interactive whiteboard for a while. But they are expensive and actually not particularly good, they are essentially a screen capture device with the ability to draw over any contents below.
Astropad is already doing that in a way, I think what would be quite useful is if there is a function to allow annotation without interacting with the contents from the computer, then to be able to save that layer with the screen grab in photos.
This would enable us to use it as a whiteboard regardless of the software that is running on the Mac. Being wireless, it would make it much easier to use astropad to annotate in a meeting too.
Would that be possible?


@Yuifanlaw It’s an interesting feature idea.

We’d have to investigate this further, and see how/if this can be implemented.
Definitely something for us to possibly consider in the future, though!