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QUESTION FOR ASTROPAD REP…It seems what is needed is a good explanation from the Astropad team on the multiple issues that seem to be cropping up… as I have been reading through the Forum there seem to become concerning glitches, certainly expected but some go beyond that. Astropad seems like a very responsive company so I am wondering if a Rep from Astropad could answer this: is there any clarification in some format that distills the multiple issues --those that have been resolved in the Studio version and those that are in process.
Also was wondering if Astopad is willing to put some energy in some visual aid and clarification…your 26 sec Magic Gesture video is sorely lacking. I assume you (ASTROPAD) have a list of issues around these programs plus just simple visuals re basic usage and customization would be useful–particularly hover… could you expand on “how” it “simulates” and perhaps show some images to daily operation and issue resolution (where thing are etc) and images of resetting 1 of apparently 3 shortcuts to be able to click for “hover”. Also, has adjustable pressure curves and stroke stabilization been included as of this point & if not is there an estimated time frame.
I purchased the iPad 9x7 Pro and Astropad but it just was not sufficient to compete with the new Cintiq Pro and I returned the iPad waiting on the Cintiq 16inch BUT now with the intro of Astropad Studio ***I am basing my purchase of the upcoming release of the 12.9 iPad Pro vs the new Cintiq Pro heavily on what Astopad Studio can do for the iPad, primarily in Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer, Clip Studio Ex, Corel Paint 2017.
In addition for those of us who want to switch to Affinity it would be helpful if the Astopad team could put out a video or even photos with explanation with some of the major issues (showing the “visual” info as to location and process to correct some of the issues people are experiencing would be very helpful vs just the explanation and info/images hopefully video…again as I mentioned above simply coordinating the two in regular daily usage. This is particularly important since there is little to be found in the Forum or on youtube etc that addresses Astropad Studio problems particularly with Affinity. Apparently Affinity has worked closely with Apple to give us all a viable alternative to Photoshop primarily aimed at the Mac user. It is very important to those of us to know that Astropad Studio will work well with Affinity Photo and Designer and the other programs I mentioned—thanks ahead to Astropad …hope you can reply.


Please send us an email directly at studio[at]astro-hq.com or support[at]astro-hq.com

Ask us any questions or address concerns you have with using Astropad Studio.
Which issues would you like more clarity on?
Also, tell us a bit more about your setup, like Mac year and model.