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Watercolor Christmas pattern made with Astropad

Hi there!

Yesterday I made a pattern to use as wrapping paper for my Christmas gifts. The inspiration came from the Christmas tree decorations:

Christmas decoration

I made a quick sketch with watercolor:


… and used Astropad with my Adonis Jot Pro stylus and my iPad Mini (with USB cable) to cut each digitalized drawing in Photoshop:

And then… I let the magic happen :smile: (well actually it wasn’t that magic, positioning the items is what took me the longer time):

Thank you for watching!


This is really great! Are you going to make it available on Etsy?

Beautiful sketches! Thanks for sharing this

Thank you!

@Giovanni I didn’t even know it was possible to sell illustration patterns on Etsy ! It was a first try, so I think I’ll give it for free on my website instead, as a gift to anyone who needs a Christmas card or wrapping paper at the last minute :blush:

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This is really lovely.