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I’m not very comfortable for drawing with a stylus (on any kind of tablet) so I scanned my sketch, cleaned it in Photoshop and used Astropad to add some color.


Thanks for sharing! How did the coloring process work out with Astropad?

Very smooth, Astropad is quite responsive even in wifi, there’s no lag at all. I’m using it with the Pencil 53, looking forward to seeing how it will handle pressure when that stylus will be supported.

I’m really glad to hear that! You wouldn’t believe the amount of time we put into getting Astropad to work well over Wifi. It was an incredible challenge, rewarding and fun.

So Pencil 53 doesn’t have pressure support :frowning: I know, I know. It’s a really great product stil, and if it had pressure it would be our favorite stylus.

Oh by the way, which stylus would you recommend for using with Astropad? Do you have a favorite?

Hey Candice, check out our list of recommended styluses:

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Great, thank you very much!!