Wacom ExpressKey Remote & Astropad


I’m waiting on my iPad Pro and Apple pencil and currently have a Wacom 27Cintiq with the remote. Has anyone tried using the ExpressKey Remote with Astropad? Plugging in the usb part of the remote into the Macbook / laptop directly?!?

I’ve already checked that you can control apps with it without the Cintiq being plugged in and it works fine. So, I guess it should be possible to use it in combination with the Astropad. Would save the need of having a keyboard near by as it can contain most if not all of the usual commands needed!


It sounds like it should work since Astropad doesn’t really need to know about it.
We have programmable shortcuts build right into Astropad so you might not need it at all.

What do you use the ExpressKey Remote for?


Anything you want. You can programme the 17 keys on the remote to any command for each application. I work with Photoshop CC2015, Capture One 8 Pro and Corel Painter 2015 with a scattering of other keywording apps etc.

I’ve just received both the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro now so I’ll be testing the combo out with the ExpressKey Remote.


Ok. Tried it and everything was very easy to install on the Macbook Pro & iPad Pro etc. The ExpressKey Remote works a treat and effectively means I don’t need to touch the laptop for anything at all and have all the speed of the Cintiq shortcuts on the remote. Such as brush size, scrolling brush and tool selection and what ever else you programme the remote to do. I guess you don’t even need a wacom tablet/cintiq to use it either, just the drivers installed. The downside is that you would have to pay £89 for the privilege if you didn’t get it with your 27"Cintiq.

Seriously though, this speeds up using Astropad tremendously, feels just like using the Cintiq but on a smaller screen!

What would be useful (i don’t know if it’s possible though), is to be able to shut the laptop while using it, similar to what I do in the office when I work from the Cintiq and monitor. It may have to be hardwired though for that I guess. Great stuff though!

To hardwire is it just a case of using a lightening connector - HDMI / thunderbolt cable?

Thanks again!


Wacom advertise these as add-ons for the Cintiq? So that isn’t the case?

I currently have a cintiq 13 hd that I’m hoping will be replaced by Astropad one day but must admit the expresskey does sound useful.


They can be bought as add ons for Wacom Tablets but can be used without the tablet connected. Mine came with the 27" Wacom that I use in the office. I was using mine yesterday as a remote to scroll through images on a large TV (laptop connected via HDMI).


you can shut the laptop and keep using software & astropad. I just tested it. Download InsomniaX http://semaja2.net/projects/insomniaxinfo/ & install it.

I opened PS and set up a document >open astropad on laptop & ipad > open InsomniaX > Preferences (i created a shortcut key for ‘Set Lid Sleep hotkey’ > run your hot key > close your laptop lid and it should work. One thing you will want to be sure is that when you are done that you disable the Lid Sleep effect so you don’t run your battery out or heat up your laptop. It’ll keep running as if the lid is open even if you are done using it so turn it off. Good luck - k


Apologies for resurrecting an old thread. Just wondering whether your Express key remote is still working with the current Wacom drivers and the latest Mac OS ? Mine doesn’t seem to be recognising the modifier keys in most applications (adobe cc, affinity, clip studio) the other keyboard shortcuts are working just not command option and control. If someone could confirm it’s working for them that would be great.