An interesting idea to upgrade is make a flotting keyboard or a swith botton next to the cntrl bottons to pull out a small keyboard. That could be helpful to rename layers. If you are insteresting I can sent you a design. Thanks


Studio has this feature! But if you are using standard, you can use the Mac’s on-screen keyboard, even if it’s a bit clunky…


So we need to pay $80 per month to use a digital keyboard?
…Bad business…


Well if you don’t need it or don’t see value in it, simply don’t subscribe. Nobody is forcing you to.


Yes of course, wasn’t my intention been offensive, but still think that a
digital keyboard could be a useful improvement to Astropad Standard. A
digital keyboard is a basic-tool.


Yes, but studio has a lot of more advanced features, if you want more, there is the advanced version with many more features than standard.


I’m sure, but you guys should enable a keyboard in the standard version. Is a basic tool.


would be good if the keyboard size/position could be modified