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Using iPad as graphics tablet but looking at macbook screen

Hi there! I’d like to use my iPad as a graphics tablet (using Astropad) but still want to use my macbook pro 15" as the screen, for this to work I suppose I need to mirror the macbook 100% on iPad and be able to hover the apple pencil over the iPad and still be able to see it showing up on my macbook pro screen… is this possible?? Or do I have to go back to Wacom to be able to watch my macbook screen whilst drawing?

Any help much appreciated, thank you.

The pencil is not physically capable of reporting hover as it only works when it’s touching the screen, unlike a Wacom. Astropad Studio has a “simulated hover” mode you can get by holding down an onscreen button but it’s mostly so that you can move the mouse without clicking for things like contextual mouse cursors and probably isn’t what you want.

Basically it sounds like you want an Intuos.

I agree with fluffy,
I use a Wacom and the drawing abilities in my view are more superior to the iPad Pro.
I use the iPad Pro for drawing as well.
So talking from experience.

If you are wishing for a bigger screen experience an idea is if you have one.
Apple TV cast iPad Pro to Tv screen.

Note your restrictions are apps only and not full tv screen due to the iPad displays kind of 4.3 support on a tv using Apple TV.

Thanks @fluffy and @robchisholm for your advice and suggestions - I’ve been using a mix of ipad pro and my wacom intuos. Enjoying them both for different things… I’m sure one will take preference at some point.