Using GIMP tool reverts back to previous


I am using GIMP on iPad Pro with Astropad. When I click a new tool to use, it shows that it is selected but when touch Apple Pencil to screen, it reverts back to previous tool I was using. When I lift Apple Pencil off screen, it changes to new tool I wanted to use. It keeps doing that until I click with the mouse on iMac on tool and click on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil then it manages to stay most of the time. Perhaps Astropad is not saving something correctly?


I’m having the same issue and this is the only thread I have found discussing this. Just leaving this message in hopes you found a fix, 30 bucks was a bit high for it to be advertised as working great with Mac programs, but then crapping out on Gimp. Hoping I don’t gotta get sucked into buying Illustrator just to learn how to start making animation.


Hi, any news about this?
I’m stuck with this issue and paid for Astropad to discover that’s it’s not playing well with GIMP.