Using astropad on iPad air and macbook for online tutoring


The astropad allows me to see on my iPad air what I have on my macbook. I want to use my wacom bamboo fineline 3rd generation on my iPad to write on the iPad and see the writing on the word document, pdf, picture, power point, or any file that I open in my macbook. I do not have photoshop, I am not a graphic artist, I thought astropad would allow me to use my iPad air as a whiteboard. HOW do I do that?

If I need bamboo paper or other notebook, how do I use it with astropad in order to be able to write with my stylus on the iPad and see it on my macbook? I will be sharing the screen with students when I tutor online.


In other words: I want to use astropad to annotate a live whiteboard in the online classes I teach, how do I do this? do I need a whiteboard or notebook program inside of astropad? If I am sharing my mackbook screen with a student online, what mac app will work with astropad and how do I get it “inside” astropad?

I want to ask the right questions but I am not technically very savvy

I will appreciate any help


@marta Hi Marta,
What video/realtime classroom program do you normally use for your online classes?


Skype, it allows screen sharing and videoconferencing


Have you considered the “Pages” app? Perhaps that could work.