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Use Astropad as a teleprompter

I’m getting ready to shoot a video on location, where I am restricted by how much gear I can bring. To cut down on gear, I did a test to see if the teleprompter software on my laptop would show up on my iPad using Astropad. It does. The only problem is the text shows up backwards on the teleprompter mirror. I need to figure out a way to horizontally flip the image on the iPad screen. I’m pretty sure there isn’t a function in Astropad to do this, but I would be happy to be proven wrong.

Astropad doesn’t have this feature, unfortunately.

You could try inverting text in the Mac app you’re using.
The Mac program you’re using doesn’t have screen mirroring and/or horizontal flipping feature?

The program I’m using does have a mirroring feature, which I’m using, but the way it works, the person working the laptop is looking at the text backwards. I was hoping to figure out a way to have the text forward on the laptop and backwards on the iPad.

But anyway, teleprompter monitor is another use for Astropad.