USBc Luna windows beta testers

Hi there,
I saw in your blog post that it looks like the windows version that you are working on will work with the existing USBc dongle?! I have recently bought a big, powerful, reasonably priced custom built pc and am subsequently spending 99% of my time on the windows platform (still no tumult Hype on there yet) I have a Luna USBc dongle and was wondering whether you might be reaching out to Luna owners who also have pcs to help with some beta testing?
If so count me in :slight_smile:
Best wishes. Stay healthy.

Hi Dave–Feel free to email in to and we can get you added to our beta list, though we cannot guarantee that the USB-C Luna would work on a custom-built PC. Feel free to share more details on your setup when you do email in and we can see if we can give you more info!