Unable to type passcode on the lock screen


Hi. I’m unable to type passcode on the lock screen. The version I’m using is Astropad Studio. Can someone help? Thanks.



Are you trying to type in passcode for your iPad? Or your Mac after screen is locked?

What Mac OS and iOS are in use?

What happens when you try typing? Any error messages?


I’m trying to type the Mac screen saver passcode on IPad.

Astropad let me type one character then the screen becoming unresponsive, so that I have to type on the Mac to unlock the screen instead.

I’m using High Sierra and IOS 11.4.1. Thanks.


Thanks for the added information.

Is this after the Mac has fallen asleep?
Are you seeing a black screen on the iPad side?

There isn’t any connection after the Mac has fallen asleep,
and currently there isn’t the ability to wake the Mac up from the iPad side using Astropad.


Further to the problem, I found the same issue on the Mac AppStore dialog box when I was trying to type the password for purchase.



The sleep is disable. I’m sure it is not related to that. However, I found the same problem happening to password fields. other fields are absolutely okay.

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Hmm, that is strange then.

Are you using an iPad keyboard (like smart keyboard or logitech, etch)?
Or a bluetooth keyboard connected to the Mac?
Or on-screen keyboard through Astropad Studio?

We’ll investigate this further on our end as well!


on-screen keyboard through Astropad Studio.

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Hi Malyse,

Is there any update on the issue?




Hi Jason,

We’re able to reproduce this on our end, and are still looking into what’s causing this issue.
Unfortunately, I don’t have an ETA yet on when this will be fixed yet :pensive:


This is annoying that I can’t really work wirelessly.

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I have the same issue working wirelessly when typing in passwords for gmail in chrome. First character works, then the following inputs all drop and i need to reset the app to get any kind if responce. Very annoying. Was able to duplicate consistantly.


Hi Malyse,

Thanks for your great help. The problem is finally resolved on the latest update.

Great app made by excellent people.

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@Jason_Huen Thanks for letting us know!
Extra thanks for your patience, and kind words :slightly_smiling_face:

Glad that the issue was resolved with the latest update.