Unable to cancel subscription?

Hi. While I love Astropad, I’m not working that much and no longer need my subscription. When I try to cancel it says I will be sent a link to my email but I have tried several times and not received that link. Can you help? I can’t find any other place to get help. thx.

Try contacting support@astro-hq.com directly, if you haven’t already. I thought account information would be listed under the Subscription section of the iOS App Store, but it appears to be treated as an external service.

Thank you. I will try support.

In IOS open Settings and click at the top where your name is listed, which opens your User ID, click Subscriptions, click on Astropad Studio, and you can cancel there.

Yeah I know how do to it but cancel isn’t an option. I contacted Apple for an answer. Thanks tho. I’ll send you a screen shot if you are interested. I’m guessing not but if so just let me know.

(Basically it isn’t set up to auto renew so canceling isn’t an option in the subscription management. However is does keep renewing.)

Did you pay for a yearly sub or month-to-month? I’d call the AppleCare number and give 'em hell.

Haha! No- monthly. And I did contact Apple’s “ report a problem” site, got a refund for last month and we’ll see what happens on 2/26 when it’s set to expire again. Thanks a bunch for your help!

Thank you for the post Jennifer - tad worrying that you are not in control of Direct debits - simply put you should not have to go through so many hoops to get a cancellation !

More worrying the procedure over complicated if I have understood correctly from your posts and others.

Good luck with the outcome, I be interested to hear who was to blame and why.
Think I am correct in that the bank holder is not in power to cancel direct debits.