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Trying to work on an already started drawing in Mischief

It’s going to take a while to get used to it…I changed the standard set of keys.Is there a way to restore them back to default ?

Nice! As in the keys, do you mean the sidebar shortcuts? You can change those in the Mac preferences

Agree, but I have a Belgian keyboard, and there are no bracket keys on those…
I changed the keystrokes for brush+ and brush - :flushed:

Yeah they are pre-set for Photoshop.

I have Mac booster on my iMac. In the uninstall/reset part I could easily reset AP to the fresh installed version.
bracket keys are on the basic configuration again.
(oops…I have 7 days of try out again…)
I’m waiting for the updating of my paypal account to buy the full version…

I have the app resetted to factory defaults, but the square brackets ( that ARE CORRECT) in the presets, don’t do the work for Mischief.
The keys for enlarging brush are also those brackets. Weird…

Sounds like it might be a bug in Astropad then. Good to know

Just have the order completed, I am now a full licenced user. :man_with_gua_pi_mao:

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Seriously awesome rendering on the skin!

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