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Trying New Techniques!

I’ve been messing around on the internet recently and found a couple of quick tutorials and techniques I wanted to put into work - such as shading styles, hair shadows/highlights, how to draw anime eyes, etc.

All up I’m pretty pleased with what my time and effort (and endless frustration at the tutorials that are only for old versions of photoshop), but the thing I’m most happy with is that I’ll be able to put these news skills into place with all my other drawings.

This is Audrey, a yet-to-be-introduced character in a fan fiction I’m writing on wattpad (all to do with a completely mashed-up Avengers/X-Men/Marvel/Supernatural/Sherlock universe I’m writing where all the rules are made to be twisted until you don’t even recognise what they once were) by the account DaisyandGroot.

I’ll be following up with more artwork for this fanfic and gee whiz, I’ve never got work done so quickly before Astropad came along. Makes shading/drawing a whole lot easier than the clunky mouse that goes with my computer, though I tend to get used to new techniques using said clunky mouse before easing into touch-screen (still getting used to it, since I’ve only had six hours using it so far).


Looking sharp! You’ve got an interesting concept going on there.

Keep up the good work and drop me a tweet when you’ve got more to share (@tomheggie on here and twitter).

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I love seeing what you are working on!
Please keep us posted with how you evolve the character.
What apps are your using to draw?

:+1: Thanks for sharing!

The internet is such an amazing resource for learning new techniques, especially YouTube. I spent an hour last night learning how to draw pixel art and learning new sketching tips for Photoshop. So much fun! I must… resist… watching more pixel art tutorials right now…

Keep up the great work!

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At the moment I’m using photoshop for most of my drawings - the previous application I used was a new version of GIMP and it didn’t work so well for me (bit slow and clumsy, with frustrating controls). I’m finding Photoshop easy and brilliant to use (even more so with Astropad) but I’ve been told that using Adobe Illustrator would be better still - I tried navigating it, however, and I can’t even get past how to make a layer and paint on it! So I’ll be sticking to the combination of Astropad and Photoshop for now - every weekend is an opportunity to get some more drawing in!

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