Tim Cook caricature with Mischief


Things are going great( had to stop because my battery of my stylus is dead…) Doing a caricature that’s going to take a long time IMO…


That looks great.that sort of detail will take a long time.


The detail you have there is insane! Wow, thanks for sharing.

So how come you use Mischief over other apps?


Mischief has an infinite zoom.It is vector based, so the filesize is tiny(2-3MB) still you can export in any size you wish. It let’s me do incredible detail, and make hidden watermarks etc…;


I just downloaded Mischief and I’ve been playing with it today, very cool app :+1:
I really like how streamlined the UI is.

I’m working on improving compatibility with Mischief. I think Mischief + Astropad is going to be a killer combo


I know it’s going to be… Therefore I give you my finished picture…
I must admit, I didn’t do it 100% in Astropad. The reason for this is I couldn’t get the move key (space + drag) to work on Astropad. But it is very much do-able in Astroppad to do it completely. So, when in extreme detail on large parts like the cheek, I used the wacom as I used to.
Anyways, here it is, hope you like it…


Yes please Matt, Mischief is my prefered drawing apps Painting i tend to fall back on to the Ipad and procreate.


Hanze that is an awsome drawing.


That is freaking amazing. Tim Cook right?


Yes, Tim Cook…
Thanks mronge and customfx





I just tweeted about this. This is way to awesome:


Thanks for the likes


Haha ! thanks for posting over there …
Wonder if he would even notice it… :wink:

(or if he did, if he would like it !)


Hehe. Not sure, he might have something against the pinocchio nose!
Speaking of Apple, maybe you should do Jonny Ive next :smiley:


Amazing work! Realistic details totally sell it!


Man alive, this is fantastic work!!

I’ve always been very envious of Caricaturists.