tbMbp 2016 with LG Ultrafine 5k display, slow in Astropad


Hey! I can tell i just started to get the same problems on my MBP 2016 (maxed) and Apple/LG external display. It was working somewhat fine until march, then now when i try to use it again (had a break) it is lagging as hell. The lag with only astropad on is the same as in video above, you notice it very clear (in the astro-pad box of the screen much more).

If i start Screen recording at the same time, the lagg extends to about 3 sec (QuickTime), while before in late March, there were no lagg.

So when i remove the external display and use astropad and screen recording on the MBP build in, the lag is almost gone.

Edit: If i have the external screen connected but uses Astropad with the MBP built in, there are no lagg or problem.

Maybe this can help you out :slight_smile:


@dannejaha Thanks so much for the detailed information! Greatly appreciated.

This has been a difficult problem to figure out, and this really helps as we’re investigating.

We appreciate all the patience with this bug.


I’m experiencing the same issue when using MBP 2017 + LG 5K + Astropad. Performance is great when I’m only using MBP to display, but connecting (wired to the MBP) to the 5K, it’s extremely slow. As soon as the cursor enters the Astropad frame it slows significantly even with nothing else running.


@JonathanBall Thanks for the details. At this time, when experiencing the slowness, we suggest only working with the Mac and disconnecting the LG 5k monitor.

Unfortunately, this issue only applies to the LG Ultrafine 4k & 5k display models. We’re hoping there’s a fix soon.

Apologies for the inconvenience.


If anyone is still experiencing this problem of slowness when using Astropad with LG Ultrafine monitors,
we recommend updating the latest firmware for your display. If not yet updated, it should be available in the LG Screen Manager.

We’ve included this information in our FAQs as well, here – https://faq.astropad.com/article/40-astropad-is-slow-with-5k-lg-ultrafine-display

We appreciate everyone’s patience with this issue.
Let us know if there is any questions, or if the problem still persists.