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Swapped Modifier keys do not work properly with Astropad and Photoshop

I use a windows keyboard and swap the modifier keys for cmd and option, using the OS’s system preferences:13%20PM

Using Astropad, the swapped modifier keys do not work once the pencil is put down (it defaults back to the ‘real’ value of the key).

For example, I have the windows key (normally cmd) swapped to be ‘option’. In Photoshop, holding opt while using a brush brings up the eyedropper. if I am using Astropad, holding the remapped Option key will bring up the eye dropper, but as soon as a touch the screen with the pencil, the key acts as if I hit the cmd key. This only occurs when using Astropad, the remapped keys work correctly with the mouse, or other tablet.

I suspect that Astropad is somehow reading raw keyboard input rather than respecting the OS system preference for modifier keys. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Are you using Astropad Studio or Astropad Standard?
As well as Mac OS and iOS versions?

I am using standard, with iOS 11.3.1, and Mac OS 10.13.5.

I have done some further testing, and it does not matter whether you use an external keyboard or not, this also occurs with my MacBook keyboard, or apple bluetooth keyboard. The problem is also system wide, not just photoshop. For example, control clicking brings up the right click menu. If you map any other modifier to control, it will work with the mouse, but not with astropad. Astropad will always read the “real” key, not the remapped one.

Hey BifDog, i\m having the same problem as you. My astropad usa the default layout of my modifiers keys, but when i use them in photoshop with the mouse, they just work properly.
Astropad, help us!
Thanks for the support!