[suggestion] Finger-tapping should teleport the cursor around the display (while in Pencil mode)!


I have finger-drawing disabled and use the pencil exclusively. It’s been working great thus far.
However, why not enable finger-tapping on screen to move the cursor around (Without clicking)? That’s accident-safe enough, no? Accidental taps won’t be causing any serious issues while at the same time it:
a) reveal tooltips underneath tools
b) gets the cursor out of the way: Very often when you want to appreciate the edits underneath your brush/retouching cursor and you have to somehow be able to move the mouse pointer aside without painting anew a different part of the screen!

edit: Now I see that this is somewhat like the young sibling of the Hover magic gestures available in the Studio edition… Well, it would be nice to have some of this magic in the Standard edition too :blush: