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Strokes taper off when I don't want them to in Astropad/Clip Studio Paint

When using Clip Studio Paint, whenever I make quick strokes, the lines always taper off at the end, even when I don’t want them to. This is particularly detrimental when I attempt to do any quick shading with the iPad, since I need to to halt my movement completely before lifting the pencil off the screen in order to prevent the taper. Below is what lines look like when I try to make quick lines with my Apple Pencil tilted in Clip Studio Paint.

This behavior seems like it’s being caused by the fact that Astropad only registers the Apple Pencil’s pressure/tilt as it’s making the lines on OSX, which is usually about 1/8 - 1/4 of a second after I “draw” the line on the iPad itself (due to latency). Because of that, if I draw a quick line, and lift the Apple Pencil before it finishes the stroke in the program, it seems to register the last part of the line as having minimal pressure/no tilt.

I’m wondering if there is an option that makes it so that Astropad will draw with the pressure/tilt that was applied when the pencil first touched the screen, rather than what the current pressure/tilt of the pencil is. Let me know if this doesn’t make sense, and I’ll try to clarify it if necessary.

Edit: One other detail, but I’m pretty sure the issue is localized to Astropad, rather than clip studio itself, because when I drew in Clip Studio Paint using Sidecar, I didn’t exhibit the issue above at all. I also don’t experience this issue when using the native Clip Studio Paint App on my iPad, using the same pencil settings.

As for specs, I am using a 6th Generation iPad, and am connected directly to my Macbook Pro (13", Mid-2012) using a USB cable. The issue above happened when connected either directly with USB or though wireless.