Spaces: Frequent hang/crash?


Anyone else use Spaces, the multiple virtual desktop feature of Mac OS? I normally run with 4 spaces. In the past, Astropad Studio was real nice in handling the Ctrl+ shortcut on my Smart Keyboard Cover to switch desktops. In the last few weeks, it seems that it will work once, then the Mac side of Astropad hangs. Sometimes it offers Force Quit as an option, sometimes just Quit, but in the latter case it will not quit when requested. I have to use the Apple Menu Force Quit approach.

There’s one other case where I have been having a one keystroke then hang situation, and that is when entering keystrokes into a password field. One character will go, then it hangs. If I go the Mac I can resume typing in the field, but Astropad is hung there and must be force quit.

These things happen with the both Smart Keyboard and the Astropad keyboard.

I noticed this started a couple weeks ago. I was hoping the latest 2.0 update might correct it, but it has not. Whatever is causing it is making it very difficult to use anymore.

Any ideas?


If possible, please email a video of this as it happens to us – support[at]
It will give us a better idea, and see if we can reproduce this on our end.


It appears that I have resolved the Ctrl right/left spaces problem by updating my Wacom driver.

The passsword field entry issue still occurs.


Great that found resolution to the Spaces issue.
Thanks for the updated info, this is good to know for our end!

For the password / keyboard issue, what iOS is in use?
As well as Mac OS?