Space Bar at the bottom


Is there any plan to have a space bar at the bottom as well as the other keys (shift command)
Ive just bought the app and its the first thing I noticed missing as I use it all the time to move around in photoshop.
I tried adding it to the side bar (not ideal) but that does not work because its a single button press and not a hold.
Please add one :slight_smile:


In the meantime, the Hand tool works. Not as convenient, but it’s there.


This is currently in the works, we plan to add more shortcut and key command capabilities.

Thank you for the feedback/request!


This is definitely very important for PS users. I’m staggered that it’s been overlooked for so long.


@adrianlambert Are you using Astropad Studio or Astropad Standard?


Astropad Studio. I’ve added the space bar to the side bar as well as some modifier keys rather than have to use quick keys as well. Those bits add up. One or two modifiable quick keys would be good. An option to add hover to something other than a touch gesture would be useful too.


@adrianlambert Thanks for the added details.
We agree this would be helpful. We are working to improve on-screen quick keys,
and add more customization for Astropad Studio.

The way we have hover simulation is a workaround for the hardware not having support;
but further refining it is something we’d like to explore in the near future.

These features all take time though. We appreciate your patience as we work to develop and improve.


I understand but the subscription fee isn’t small so I do certainly hope that these customisations aren’t something that will take too long to review and implement.