Single gesture for zoom and pan as per Adobe Comp


Hi There,

I’ve been doing a bit of retouching using Astropad and love it. However, I keep trying to use the single gesture for zoom and pan (as per Adobe Comp) to get around.

It works like this…

  • Place index finger and thumb on iPad
  • Move them both around to pan
  • Pinch them in/out to zoom
  • Move and pinch at the same time to zoom/pan in one go

You get exactly where you need in one go - no need for seperate gestures.

Try it in Adobe Comp but be warned, you can’t go back to seperate gestures! Here’s hoping Astropad could do something similar.




Actually, in general, the pan and zoom controls could do with some love. Compared to other apps you have to be quite measured and deliberate. Not sure why.


@cmscss Thanks for the suggestion, this helps us with ideating. We’ll have to see what we can do to improve touch gestures.