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Screen selection menu

Hi! recently i bought an fit-headless, a small dongle that makes my mac think there is an actual display connected to it. This let me use astropad as if it was a second monitor but i notice that there is no easy way to change the screen that it is using without looking at the actual screen.

because it’s a dongle and there is no actual video until astropad begging mirroring so i cannot get to this menu on the second screen


So, I was wondering if you could add a menu on the mac or on the iPad app that let you select the display you want to mirror from a list of available displays? the only workaround I’ve been able to find is to mirror displays and then un mirror them and somehow that forces astropad to go to the second display

I know where you are coming from, I had the same feeling then I discovered that as along as I didn’t click "select display:, Astropad would remember the last monitor I used. As long as you click out of the center, the overlay will go away and you’ll be good.
But I also support the idea of the ability to switch monitors from the app.

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you are right, but if for some reason you disconnect the display (or in this case the dongle) without closing the mac astropad app first it just reverts to the primary display (in my case my macbook pro retina) forcing to do the mirror display and unmirror for it to work again.
It´s not a deal breaker but i believe it would be a nice tweak for some of us.

I do the same. But bought a mini display to hdmi cable for like 8 bucks. Hook it to my 4 k tv and bam works flawless. And Astropad studio makes it even more amazing. No lag at all at 4k. Wow. Thank you dev team!