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@Candi I just remembered that the Apple Pencil only works the iPad Pro 9.7" or the 12.9" models. So unless you’re planning to upgrade to the iPad Pro you should go with one of the other options.


Thanks for the tip HYR. I actually am planning to upgrade to iPad Pro :).


Yeah the Pencil 53 is a nice stylus for the normal iPads, but if you upgrade definitely get an Apple Pencil.


Thanks Jarek for the suggestion.


I’m a new Astropad user. I’m an architect in California. What I am hoping to be able to do with Astropad is to sketch over small architectural drawings. I am looking for tips as to what Mac applications to use Astropad with. On the iPad, I like Morpholio Trace. If there was something like that for the Mac, I’d love to hear about it. Ultimately, I’d like an application that includes layers, so I could sketch over a photo or other drawing, then turn off the original photo just leaving the sketch visible. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks!


I am a medical illustrator, CraigL. Have loved my Cintiq13, which changed the way work is done, but itis now 6 yo and fading-- it lost its highest screen rez twice, so icons are enlarging, etc. Its also tethered to the box with wires. The screen has a brighter glow at the bottom, so its no longer color-true.
So I got the pencil and ipad pro *because of Astropad.

I had expected *Apple to address this when iPadPro came out last year. Nah. While ThirdParty is often sketchy at this level, AP looked "pretty solid."
Watched a demo vid online, then tried Pencil at the iStore and asked Apple Store sales staff, who just looked at me, dumb-founded. Of course they said “it doesn’t do that.” When I showed it, Sales acted like it was a standard feature of the ipad. HA. Took a leap. Wow!

Like it so far(!) tho it has quirks. Yes, it works; no, its not a Cintiq---- but for my use, its quite good! I have had a few issues, which resolved on power-cycling, tho I have yet to use it over USB-- does it work over (USB-C) Thunderbolt?


Hi, and welcome! Have you tried Adobe Illustrator/Image Trace/Adobe Shape CC?


Hi I’m Erick,

Since I bought my iPad pro (2 months ago) I wanted to do this. I just discovered today and I’m so happy. Thanks


Greetings and well met to all who read this. I am Southern Californian, 15 years professional culinary arts in fine dining, but that was just a ‘moon light’. I spent several years in the service of my beloved country, America and all of its citizens (yes that even means you Dear Reader). Details would take pages and pages, so rather I’ll waste space and time explaining how much it would have taken had I just relayed my tale. Soon after my Honorable Discharge from the U.S Marines, my injuries would take there till and eventually force me to leave my culinary passion behind. A short time later, in what felt like an eternity of lamenting dispare, boredom and a desire to build and create, to caste aside my mantle of war and destruction. However, War and its foul companion, Destruction, decided other wise( details! So many details sadly must be left for another day)and to finish my tale: Yes! Life chose me and I chose life! This was why I chose wood working, plan design and SketchUp, AdoBe and Autodesk suites, I also wanted to learn photography editing and logo design. Has I mentioned before don’t forget to check out the newspaper stories and the most recent globally known magazine cover (back)with me on it. I thank you so much for your time. Btw I own Wacom, several products and has a self Teaching hope-to-be, Astropad has Been thus far the best aide in all categories of great import. Thank you.


Hi Candi. I’ve put a normal pencil grib on my Apple Pencil. You might be able to find pencil grips for arthritus sufferors and put it on the apple pencil. If you buy one and try to get someone to help you get it on (you probably won’t be able to do that yourself… they are a pain to put on). If it doesn’t work I’m confident you could return the pencil.


Hi everyone, I’m Dave. Triceratops Brand Logic Inc is my company, but I’m also a college prof and dad. I’ve already posted this somewhere, but cannot see it, so I want to ensure that I’m integrating into this lively community. Looking forward to sponging shamelessly and giving generously.


Hi, Creative Director / Founder. Retouch company over here!.


Hi, I’m Mike Lemos, I’m a full time freelance illustrator &graphic artist. Sort of hard to describe myself in terms of what Companies and projects I’ve worked on over the years. Some favorites have been fortunate to have been involved in…I’ve done Star Wars trading cards for Topps, did just about all the illustrations for Playmates Toys packaging as well as the graphics back in the early 90s. I don’t know what else to say other than there’s been a ton of art both traditional & digital over the years. Started as an air brush artist, went digital (MacPlus days) when I was employed in the aerospace where I was part of a team that put together briefings for the Presidential investigation of the Challeger disaster. Worked for more than a few tee shirt companies. Sheesh, I feel like I need to post my resumé :wink:
Currently, my wife and I are creating our own line of tees, trading cards, buttons, and will be creating art toys, hopefully very soon here.
For just a little sample of my 2d work, here’s a link to my scroller page/website; My Portfolio

Mike Lemos
@spacetrog (just about every social media site except Facebook…)


Hi, I’m Joachim from France. I left my job 2 months ago to be full time freelance illustrator. My portofolio is not yet on line but I will be very happy to share the link as soon as it will be ready :slight_smile:


Hi, I am Zeri. I use astropad and an iPad pro with apple pencil. I use photoshop for digital manipulation of my own photos . I am looking for tips on to improve how I use astropad.


Hi Ergin,

Thanks very much for the suggestion, I appreciate it! :slight_smile:


My name is Gerald. I’m a professional children’s book illustrator and I’ve been using a first generation Cintiq since 2008. It doesn’t work well with my new iMac so rather than purchase a new one, I decided to get and iPad Pro, and Apple Pencil. I’m hoping AstroPad is a viable alternative as I see how it works with Photoshop on my desktop.


Mukund here. I am a designer and an amateur illustrator. I just bought the astropad app and its awesome. But I seems to have a light interface. Would it be possible to change to dark interface. I am not able to find any options for this.


@nosywiz For Astropad Standard, there’s a choice between opaque or transparent UI, but both are light.


Hi, i use my Apple Pencil and iPad Pro in a wood workshop enviroment, and also have issues with my hands. I have tried many a styli and personally think the Apple Pencil is super uncomfortable but the best tool for use with the iPad Pro. For comfort I use some Hockey Tape, can be found at most sporting goods stores, I use it on the handles of all my tools. I take a 1.5-2’ strip, hold it at the cut end letting the roll hang free(like a yoyo). then i spin it down at the roll end, this will twist the length of tape into a tight round tape tube. This i then hold with one hand toward the tip end of the Styli, and spiral wrap it around the shaft leaving space in between each turn. This will make a candy cane affect and offer your fingers a place to “nestle”. Finally i take the tape and start a fresh length leaving it flat this time, and give the pencil a good tight(say a 5 on a scale of 10) I also add a salvaged clip from another pen, they can be found in variety on Amazon. Sorry for long Reply btw hope this helps it makes it more comfortable and offers a “bumper” for safety, and do not worry the tape ccleans off easy. one downside or two. THe tape will get dirty has it is a cloth like tape and it will also begin to fray over time. i change it out once a month or so dependingThis text will be hidden