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Hello! My name is John Timms Im a comic artist, working on Harley Quinn for DC comics, normally I work 30% manually and 70% digitally on ClipStudio, used Astropad to do the last 3 Harley books, can’t wait to test the new Astropad, My computer is a late 2013 retina mac book pro and normally works really well. Hope to have more feedback here.



I’m Nat, freelance illustrator,
It’s really great to draw on iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil in Illustrator, Tayasui Sketches pro, Graphic, …
Thanks a lot to the Astropad’s team !


Hi Ergin,

Thanks for the great feedback.
We appreciate the kind words and support!

More customizable shortcut sets is currently in development, this is a top priority feature.


I’m Jason, image retouching and clipping paths at Progress Lighting for 17 years are my thing. Having the freedom to access any image and edit while in a meeting has been great! Thank you for a great app.


Hello. My name is Konstantinos Papamichalopoulos (I know, quite a mouthful…) and I’m a visual artist working between Athens, Greece and Folegandros (an island in the Aegean Sea). I’m also the cover illustrator of the Athens Review of Books and am working on a freelance basis with the Dutch magazine De Groene Amsterdammer as well as various other publications.
Most of he work for De Groene or the ARB is done on an iPad actually - the fact that one can work anywhere without much need for ample space or special equipment other than a slim slab of circuitry and software certainly helps.
Apart from the work that I’m uploading one can also check out
I really like the opportunity to get my hands on the upcoming new astropad app!


Hi! My name is Joaquin and I’m and Illustration student heading into my final year. I’m excited to try out Astropad 2.0 tonight - I made this with Astropad and Procreate. I think these programs go especially well together, I like to start in Procreate and finish up with Photoshop using Astropad because Astropad is AMAZING


So glad to be part of this community. I am in complete awe of Astropad and it opens up the world for digital artists who are mac and iOS lovers… Since december 2015 when I first purchased astropad, an iPad pro and a apple pencil, I feel liberated from the highly limiting clutches of the Wacom pen ecosystem… Thank you for bringing so much joy and eagerness to digital artists and enthusiasts… I am just a doodler and a very basic artist but I think my journey with astropad is going to be elevating…Thank you again.


Hello, I’m Jarek. I’m an illustrator, transitioning to digital with the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. I use Photoshop right now but looking to get better at Corel Painter.



My name’s Lisa, I’m a Swedish comic artist hard at work with my next book and I’ve been pumped up about Astropad ever since I heard about it for the first time. I recently bought the 9,7 iPad Pro (which has served me awesomely when making heaps of storyboards!).

I hope to use the app more frequently for future work and to learn more overall. Isn’t the future glorious?

Nice to meet you guys!


HI everybody ! i’m Muzz from Dakar Senegal ( west african ! ) , i discover this app while browsing and this is really awesome >>> resolving a lot of problems with my workflow , i have 3 wacom tablet in different format , 24HD , companion hybrid and companion 2 , i really love them , but since i met Astropad ! man ! that’s so cooool the work they do !, that’s light , responsive , and now i can draw on my bed and in a lot of inaccessible places ! lol
i’m a roughman , i draw a lot , and this amazing stuff make me interact so nicely with my workflow and speed it up

i have to dig into all the parameters and specs to make it more efficient , but i’m sure that i’ll find solutions into this nice platform

thanks for your app guys >>> keep pushing forward you understand what digital artist need ! congrats

and you can check my work in my behance project page


Aloha, I’m a retired clinical psychologist. I’m an Astropad user but I can’ figure out how to download the 2.0 version. Help would be appreciated! I use Astropad to create my abstract digital art. Web site is I am new to uploading to my site so I don’t have many up yet.


Hi, I’m Diego, I use astropad on a iPad Pro 12" with a macbook pro Retina 2012. I use it with lightroom for retouch my photo


Hi, I have the 9.7 iPad Pro the 5k iMac 27’’ plus the Apple Pencil

My hope is I can use the tools for Lightroom cc and as I gain photoshop confidence with that program as well

Never used a tool of this type so expect some trouble making headway but I like a challenge



Hello everyone, I’m Luis, I work as 2D animator and new in this forum, I just bought iPad Pro and Astropad, I’ve not made something with them yet, but soon I’ll upload some works done with it because it accelerates my work so much, for now I can share you past work made with wacom products.

YouTube web series
My youtube channel where I upload my current web serie Lobo azul in my free time, soon I’ll upload more series.

Demo Reel 2014
A mix of many animations I made until 2014


Hi all. I’m new to Astropad, a friend recommended trying it, and so far am loving it. I primarily do photo retouching in Photoshop and create posters. I have an iPad mini 4, and am in the market for a stylus. I have severe arthritis in my hands, so unable to hold a normal sized stylus. I use arthritis pens to write, so if anyone knows of a stylus along the same lines, I’d appreciate any suggestions. :slight_smile: I also have poor vision so trying to decide if a small Wacom may be better than my iPad. Any suggestions would be welcome.




Does anyone have any suggestions?


@Candi Not sure about styluses similar to arthritis pens. Maybe FiftyThree’s Pencil might be a good size? There is also a passive stylus, Cosmonaut that has a wider grip.


Great, thanks Malyse, will look into both of those.


@Candi perhaps something like this would work if you want to use an Apple Pencil?


Oh wow, that’s awesome! Thanks a bunch HYR and Malyse for the suggestions, I appreciate it! Deciding which to get :).