Say Hi and introduce yourself!


Hi David!

Glad to hear you’re interested in Astropad :slightly_smiling:

Astropad works great with a dual monitor setup, that’s what I run myself. I have a BenQ display, my Retina MacBook Pro and Astropad. I then have Astropad mirror one of my screens.

If you are asking if Astropad can act as a 2nd screen, no we currently don’t support that.

You are also free to use Astropad on as many Macs as you own. You need to purchase it just once. However, we ask that if other people use it they also purchase a license.

Hope that helps!


Hi I’m Mike. I found out about Astropad from Bryan Hughes of Adobe during a Kelby One webcast about Adobe’s iPad apps. He mentioned a quick plug and described it as turning your iPad into a Cintiq. I have an iPad Air 2, was interested in an iPad Pro, but was looking for a killer app to justify it. I think Astropad is it. That, and some of the Adobe apps are great with the big screen and Apple Pencil, and they are adding more Pro features.

I use practically all the Adobe CC applications at least a little. And I want to get back to playing around with Corel Painter. So I’ll be exercising this puppy quite a bit. I’m following the discussions here now, especially regarding keyboard access including external (Apple Smart Keyboard cover) and hover support.

This is very cool, thanks.


Hi all,

my name is Marek and I work as an Illustrator and Game Designer on my indie games.

I started with digital illustration in the late 90ies with a Wacom Intuos 1, which many years later was swapped for a Cintiq. Now I got Astropad and I sold the Cintiq because of that.

I always loved what I am doing but I also felt a bit chained to my dark room since I couldn’t carry the heavy Cintiq anywhere. Thanks to Astropad I can now finally do professional grade work from anywhere in the world. While I am typing this I am surrounded by peaceful nature while working on my latest game. Thanks so much for making this possible!

By the way, my latest game Future Unfolding (still in development) is already using some animations created with Astropad :wink:


Hi Everyone
Richard here :slight_smile: … Love drawing sketches of natural views, scenes. Used to paint and draw cartoons, tried some animation with animation desk. Enjoy political cartoons too. I am starting again on my hobby after a long break. I enjoy my work.


Hi everyone I am an Illustrator and art is my life. SiMonst3r Media is my design business feel free to check out my website My design focus is logo design, and illustrations for clothing brands. Traditional illustration is my other focus (tattoo design, character design, oil painting, gauche, acrylic, pen & ink, water color, screen printing). I just got my iPadpro and Apple Pencil a few weeks ago so I was thrilled to discover Astropad! I mainly use photoshop and illustrator so any tips for these programs with Astropad would be greatly appreciated =)


so crazy to see people are giving up their Cintiq for an ipadpro with Astropad! I have never tried the Cintiq and wanted to get one until I found the ipadpro and apple pencil. I was starting to regret my decision until I discovered Astropad!


Hi, I am draw and paint digitally as a hobby. I use an iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and a brand new shiny iMac 5K. I just downloaded and installed Astropad this afternoon and am still pretty disoriented but I’ll get the hang of it soon I’m sure. I tend toward traditional art and use Corel Painter, Photoshop, Paintstorm Studio, and Rebelle primarily.

Until the end of February I had never touched a Mac, although I have used iPad for several years, when I got my iPad Pro in December I was so impressed with it that I decided to replace my ancient PC with an iMac. I use an intuos 5 and would love a Cintiq but if Astropad works as well as everyone says I probably will be quite content with the iPad Pro instead. I love working on the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil is the best stylus I have used, even compared to the Wacom pens for the Intuos.

My first play with Astropad was pretty scary since it caused my iMac to freeze and require a force restart, but after the restart it appears to be working quite nicely. I need to remind myself to restart after installing a new app before starting to play. :slight_smile:


Hi, my name is Terrence.
Doodler for a few decades, young artist who lost his way, found a creative home in visual communication development and design. Bought the apple pencil apple ipad pro 9.7 and astropad for a few reasons; sketching was one of them.


Hi Astropaders from the world ! I’m Arnaud. French comics author for twenty years ! I use Astropad for two month now with the apple pencil with the iPad pro 13".


Hello, my name is Steve Schmitt,
well I might be known for being the guitar player in cinematic surf trio
Diminished Men, I also dabble relentlessly in animation with an emphasis
on hand drawn looks. I just purchased an iPad Pro
along with Astropad and would love to share one of the pieces I just finished.
I hope you enjoy.


Hi! I’m Christopher, I work in tech support, and I’m a worship pastor who does Graphic Design for my church and for fun. Really looking forward to how Astropad can help get my thoughts into my tools more readily!

…still trying to figure out how to switch tool sets to illustrator…



Hi I’m Kat - new here but have been using Astropad and PS for a couple months now and love it. I was an in-house designer for almost 12 years and now hoping to freelance as an Illustrator. Still trying to figure out how to get the best AI set up :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m Rizky from Indonesia. I’m a Windows user, an architect and urban planner, also frequently drawing as a hobby, mostly character sketches. I usually do my digital work directly with my mouse onto Photoshop or Illustrator, no problem with that. I never really like the way Wacom work, even though my sister and brother have it (both have hobby in art), I never really wanted to study using it, because I find them an unnatural way of drawing. Astropad is basically what I think of a proper digital drawing should be and I love everything about it. Both my bro & sis use Mac and I can only use my Astropad on their computer/laptop. Hopefully the Astropad team can work on developing the Astropad for Windows.


Hi I’m Aaron, from Melbourne. I mostly do infographics, data visualisations and publication layout/design, so I’m using Illustrator and InDesign a lot. I was considering buying a Cintiq 22HD, mainly to assist with drawing in Illustrator. I was put off the idea of purchasing a Cintiq because of its size (I have a small work area), the lack of wireless connectivity, and the fact that the screen is only 1920 X 1080.

I decided to purchase an iPad Pro (12.9") with an Apple Pencil and use Adobe CC iOS apps to do my drawing, then chuck the results across to Illustrator for further editing. That was before I learned about Astropad. Now I’m starting to explore the fantastic opportunity Astropad provides to use my iPad Pro as a thin, light, wireless pen display with a beautiful screen.

This is my first day working with Astropad, and while I’ve hit a few hurdles using it with Illustrator, I already think that Wacom had better pick up its game fast if it wants to stay on top in the tablet display stakes.


Hi im Matt, I’m a digital designer from London. New to the iPad Pro and Astro pad, so just getting to grips with all the features and getting the max out of the setup.


Hallo everybody, I am a CG artist and I’am new in Astropad and iPad Pro. Very interested about iPhoto editing, I’am very interested about editing, drawing and 3D graphic applications.
So long!


Hi! I’m Ari Szmidt, a graphic designer and digital artist from the Catalan Pyrenees. I recently downloaded Astropad for my illustrations and I have to say that it’s worth it. I can draw from my sofa as I would draw in a paper sheet! It’s wonderful ^^ Here I leave my facebook page with my work, all done with Astropad :slight_smile:

Ari Szmidt illustration


Hi. I’m Ergin. I am a part time artist who works in both digital and traditional media. I had my first solo digital art show this past year and plan on another one in 2017/18.

I hate being tethered to a desktop and have never wanted a Cintiq. I bought one about 2 years ago and immediately returned it, returned to my Intuos Pro for working on my MAC.

Now that I’ve moved up to my Apple Pro (12") and pencil, I love working in apps on iPad. But they only go so far, even the great ones. For me, nothing beats Corel Painter and it’s ever improving brush media. I just finished up a piece that uses the new “Audio Expressions” attributes.
I’ve gotta say that as much as I love iPad, Procreate and others … IPad is just not ready to handle Painter 2016.

I also use Photoshop and third party tools like Topaz and/or On1 for finishing.

Your UI looks really clean and elegant, critical for even the larger iPad Pro. I’m looking forward to making it work. I hope you have or have planned a way to “swap” to different sets to keep up with when I change up the tools I use (e.g., Photoshop hotkeys are different from Painter hotkeys).

I have really high hopes that Astropad will give me that portable and natural interaction that I love so much in traditional media. With cellular speeds improving and the new updates coming in MAC/Apple devices interaction, I’m hoping that even a wifi won’t be needed. But for now, tethering with a lightening cable is so much better than prior options.


Hello, I’m Dante, a Cleveland based illustrator/ designer. I’ve been freelancing for various clients across the globe for the last 10 or so years. I’m excited to take part in this creative community!

check out my work here:


Hi everyone, I’m Cindy, an artist, illustrator and calligrapher from sunny Australia. Looks like a great community to be a part of! Looking forward to seeing everyone’s work on the Astropad :slight_smile: