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I’m from Sunny Seattle and I currently do system Integration, but got my degree in computer animation and video. Go figure. I love playing in the music scene and enjoy, and have a passion for photography and airbrushing.
Take Care


Hello, I am Stayf, a Dutch illustrator and animator. I make animations in Flash and Anime Studio. I also paint a lot of illustrations in Photoshop and Manga Studio. I have a You Tube channel called Stayf Draws
I make drawing and animation tutorials. I bought the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro to do my background paintings and illustrations with. I came across Astropad and I still need to try it out thoroughly.


Hello… I"m Karen. I’m a photographer and I will be using Astropad, iPad Pro and an Apple pencil. I’m looking for tips and tricks and ways to be more efficient in my retouching.


I don"t have the Apple Pencil, yet, and my main desktop app is Affinity Design. I"m using the manual stoke options to make up for lack of pressure until the Pencil comes in.

I"ve been using the track pad as my mouse click, and would like to know if there is potential to have a click/double click button along with the Command, shift,etc., buttons

I’m loving using Astropad on IPad Pro, because I can be outside with my dog and still work on art, plus, no wacom wires to trip over.


Yay welcome. We like the idea of you working on art with your dog!
About right click, we dont have it, however, you can use the on screen key “CTRL”, in most apps it should do what you want.


I’m using that idea, thanks.
I bought Astropad before I bought the Ipad Pro, because I was bound and determined to be outside the house while I work.

The pixelation/lag cut down significantly when I adjusted my monitor to fit the dimensions of my iPad Pro- 1024x768.

I’m thinking the monitor is just my visual cue, I can still draw the doc at 300dpi, and it can still contain all the detail that my work needs. I can deal with that if it cuts down on my pixelization time.


Happy New Years. My name it Greg and I work in a prepress at The University of MN. I work mostly in Photoshop but I love drawing and painting with ArtRage.


Hi, I’m based in Lancashire in the UK and am a photographer and also an artist using photography. I initially tried out Astropad using iPad Air but have since acquired iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. Very impressed with how I can process my images using Astropad and Capture One Pro 9 with access to most features - I found setting up a custom workspace allows most flexibility.


Howdy! Im an Industrial Designer from Minneapolis, MN who was looking for an easier way to work remotely from my office where I use a Wacom Cintiq almost exclusively with Adobe CC and Sketchbook; but also to expand my art outside of work when I wasn’t on the clock. I wasn’t really looking forward to spending close to $2.5K on upgrading my home system in order to keep the same efficiencies and work flow in order to do so.

Enter Astropad…


Welcome! Most of the Astropad team is actually in Minneapolis :smiley:


Really? Very cool. I work in Minneapolis as well.


Yeah, but the the cool guy is in San Francisco :wink:


Hi I’m Woody
I’m a photographer working with the typical photography related software PS, Lightroom and multiple plug ins. I also like drawing and cad work so I’m pretty excited about what I can do with this app vs my old small Wacom tablet. The idea of working right on the screen, especially once I finally get hold of an Apple pencil is very exciting. I have been working on compositing images and I’m eager to see how this works in that realm as well. It’s only been a couple of days since I installed the app but I’m exploring using a dumb stylus and finger touch at the moment. The only thing I’m having a problem with is panning and pinch zoom is not working very well, but everything else has been awesome!
Looking forward to sharing some work when I get a piece completed!


Hi I’m Bas and I got completely crazy out of hapyness after discovering Astropad. finaly I can use my Ipad as I want ant trow away all my WACOM with al their cables! (well, lets wait some months before i’ll do this).
check my old work at: or
(I’m sorry, no time to update these sites with new work due to make to much new work… )


Hello, my name is Robert an amateur photographer located in So. California. Photography has always been my passion and inspiration to capture the world at a standstill (Film or Digital). It seems simple, but it takes a vision and understanding to capture and process the concept to an actual photo and look at it later and say…Wow infinite memories. That inspires me. I shoot randomly and and try not to stick to one creative brief theme. Versatile is my strategy.

After finding Astropad this is my solution to re-owning a graphic tablet (sold my 27" couple of years ago) to retouch/fine-tune my photos. Looking forward to future updates and enhancements from Astro Team… This is a game changer. Good work Astro Team!..keep the** iNoV** coming 2016 until ∞ (Hieroglyphics).


Hi, I’m Jim! I am brand new to Astropad as I’ve just received an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil on the way. Photography is my passion and the iPad with Astropad will most likely be used in combination with Photoshop for retouching and editing!


hello, i am picking up the ipad pro and pencil too, in the next 36 hrs. what i need to know is, does it work with photoshop, illustrator, maya, zbrush and what other 3d apps does its enhancement accept on ipad pro


Hi Murthada,

It does work with Photoshop, Illustrator and ZBrush. It should work with Maya but I don’t know of anyone using it with Astropad off the top of my head.


Hi, I’m David and I’m a professional retoucher. I’m about to make the leap to IPadPro, Pencil and Astropad, so looking forward to what I think is the future of digital imaging. I’m primarily on Photoshop but like to dabble in 3D, with Zbrush as my favorite. Given that Astropad mirrors and takes control of a Mac, are there any issues with a dual monitor setup which I presently use? Also, when I purchase Astropad, will I be able to load the app on multiple macs so I can sync with the one I choose, or do I need a separate purchase for each host computer? Thanks!


Mark here. By day, a database administrator, the rest of the time, a conceptual and graphic artist. How can I express the joy (and freedom!) I felt, stretched out on the sofa, using Adobe Illustrator CC on my iPad Pro. What a beautiful thing. The mind reels at the possibilities. Anyway, glad to see a vibrant community around this great software. Anything that helps me get away from being slumped over a desk! :grinning: