Say Hi and introduce yourself!


Hi Nick, I love the wedding images on your website. Do you use LR with the Astropad?


Nice work! Please let us know how it goes with Astropad and what we can do to improve


Will do. Just gotta part with another $100 bucks. :sweat_smile:


I’m Paolo, an UI/UX designer from Italy.
I love illustration and anything involving creative software.
I’m currently making tools for artists, illustrators and doodlers which I release under the DAUB “umbrella”.

Happy to see some friends here too! :wink:
I have to be honest, my first approach with Astropad in March was a bit disappointing, but during last months I’ve been seeing continuous improvements and now things are far better so… Keep up the good work!


Hello, my name is Stephen. I just learned of Astropad a couple of days ago and downloaded for iPad immediately. I have been thinking of getting a Wacom 13hd touch until I heard of the Astropad. Want to be able to use GIMP and Inkscape with it to make my own artwork for apps I will be creating. Having trouble with Inkscape but will make a post about that elsewhere.


Ciao Paolo, great to see your drawing! We are working hard to make Astropad better and better. Please reach out to us anytime there are things that you are not happy with, we genuinely care to make Astropad great.


Hi, Andrew here. I don’t have AstroPad yet, but I have been betting the farm on it. My iPad Air is starting to feel like it needs to be replaced. So, I decided to sell that Wacom Cintiq Companion Hybrid that I hardly ever used and start saving up for an iPad Pro.

I wanted a solution like AstroPad originally, but I guess you guys were not out yet. So, I took the plunge last January and bought the Wacom. But, the tangle of wires, the weight of it, it just never felt right. It felt clunky to me. So, I didn’t use it much and couldn’t justify keeping it when I was beginning to think of an iPad Pro and AstroPad.

So, can you throw me a bone and tell me more about what I may expect? Have you had your hands on a Pro yet? Since it has a different type of screen already supporting a stylus, can we expect greater precision than AstroPad with previous iPad models? With a wireless or single cable connection that also powers the iPad, I fully expect it to be less clunky. But will the speed and accuracy match that of a Wacom?



Hi Andrew! Your faith will be rewarded :smile:

We haven’t been able to get our hands on the iPad Pro yet, however all the information we have is that the precision and performance will be comparable and superior to a Wacom Cintiq.

We are going to work super hard on it to make sure Astropad is awesome for the iPad Pro! You will not regret having sold your Cintiq


Hello all.

I’m Mike. Photographer from the UK. Specialising in composite model fantasy photography. can see my stuff on my facebook page
Bought Astropad to see if the ipad pro could replace my Cintiq 13hd and make it more portable to move between office.

Very impressed so far - it’s almost there.


welcome! we are working hard to make Astropad even better so that you wont be miss your Cintiq


I still have the cintiq but you aren’t far from making a product that can rival it. Colour calibration and secondary monitor support and you’ll nail it!!



My name is Sean and I’m an illustrator and photographer based in Chicago.

I enjoying the browse through everyone’s work in this community.

As with so many other artists, I’m excited to dive deeper with Astropad once my Apple Pencil arrives. Until then, still happily intrigued so far with my 1st generation Wacom Creative Stylus (even though the tip feels like painting with a water balloon)

Take a peek at


Same here. That monstrous, unwieldy cable on my 13" Cintiq is a digital ball and chain.


Hey everyone,

My name is Topher Aronson. I am starting a freelance web design company and Astropad has made my life way easier. I am using astropad on my ipad pro with the apple pencil. I am absolutely loving it


Welcome everyone!

Please let us know how Astropad is working for you and what we can do to make it better.


Hello everyone. I’m Chris - a children’s illustrator from Harrogate North Yorkshire UK. I work digitally using a Wacom Cintiq 24HD and an iMac 27" Retina. I’ve been looking for a portable device for drawing and the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil seems the perfect option.

My iPad Pro and Apple Pencil arrived yesterday. I’ve only spent a bit of time drawing on the iPad, but so far it’s great. Astropad seems really good so far, I’m looking forward to using it more. The Apple Pencil feels really good to draw with too.

If you fancy a peak at my illustrations, my website is:

I’m also on Twitter: @jevillustration

I’m looking forward to seeing how Astropad develops.


Hey all im Jim, I’m a designer and developer. thought this as a cool app. Tested it out made my own tweaks to it to improve upon it


Hi Matt, and astropad forum members , Im Vlad … freelance artist (for 8 years now) I do fantasy /sci fi art and children book story illustrations (digital or traditional ) … what I can say . I really very amazed with astropad and what it means in terms of wacom alternative. … and I hope people here can help me with some of my doubts …



I am Alex from Sweden, owner of a game assets store called . Hope to meet new friend and increase my knowledge and skills.


Hi All,

Part-time cartoonist/illustrator. I’ve fallen by the wayside, but the release of the iPad Pro & Apple Pencil have rekindled my interest. Now that I’ve heard of Mischief, I can see many, many new opportunities!!! :slight_smile: