Say Hi and introduce yourself!


For sure! PS I found the post with your images:


Wow, thanks!! :blush:


Welcome Candice! I look forward to seeing your work


Hi Candice, welcome to the forum! I love your “man dreaming” illustration, it looks great.


Thanks Alex, much appreciated :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot Tom :smile:


Hi, I’m a photographer and retoucher. Astropad has made my life so much easier! Check out some of my work here:


Welcome! I was just checking out your work, great stuff. The colors on the shot in Vermont with the church are really something.


Hi! I’m a hobbyist digital artist that draws for fun. Before I found out about this great app, I was using Procreate, and tried out Air Stylus. Been wanting a Cintiq for a while now but alas I don’t have $2K to spend, haha. Now, I do manga/semi-realism using Astropad and Manga Studio. So hi guys!!


Hi Victorious! Welcome! We would love to see what you work on.
I have meant to learn more about how making Manga works, could you reach out to us at info [at] ? I have some questions…


I’m Francois a french (yes it was already obvious with my name) freelance graphic and motion designer.
I created with friends the indie game collective Sparkling Vinegar.
I’m the half part of Smart Beast our creative agency.

I have to say, Astropad is pretty amazing for me and that’s why I decided to make our next game only with it.

Check out the topic about the game on the forum.



Hello there! Of course, I will be posting some of my stuff made with Astropad soon! I must say, brush stabilization is the best thing that has happened to me thus far, haha. I’d be glad to share with you guys how I do my manga-style works. :slight_smile:


Hey Every One, Graphic Artist, 3d designer / animator from Brooklyn NY :smile:


Welcome! what apps did you use for that animation?


Hi Giovanni :slight_smile: I use lightwave3d, do you do animation as well?


I use Photoshop to paint backgrounds

this is what I use Astro pad for, great tool!


Hi, my name is Rene Garcia i’m a Graphic Designer from México and i love to draw kick ass females!!!

Here with the first experience I had with Astropad, it was great !!!


Welcome @deadbuddy and @splashgraphixz! I’m excited to see what you make


Thank You Mronge, nice drawing AstroPad is awesome though I was going to have to 2,500 for a Wacom Cintiq -Not Any More Thanks to AstroPad-LOL


That’s the kind of testimonial we love :smiley: