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Hello Astropad community…
I’m Anthony Taliercio. I’m new to photoshop and have only been working with it a short time. I got hurt on the job as a diesel mechanic and they are telling me I am going to have to change my career so I have been taking some classes to see if this could be my new “thing”. When I read the article about Astropad I just had to try it. I am a “Techie” and have been looking for an alternative to a drawing tablet. None compare to Astropad and the support from Matt has been incredible. Got the Wacom stylus the guys recommended on the site and love everything about the app.


Thanks for sharing! I hope Astropad helps you on your journey to a new career.


Hi guys
I am Michael , Retired custom bike painter due to illness, have been working at getting my digital skills better in the hope of eventualy earning some money again.
Did the trial on this and absolutely loved it, Saving up now to get the licence as soon as possible.
Well done guys great app.

BTW you can modify the wacom tip by inserting a teflon tip from the hex3 pen or the plastic tip from the jot… makes the wacom pen a whole new beasty.


Awesome! yeah I remember watching a video about the Hex3 tip hack + Wacom, but cannot find it now…
is this what you are talking about:



Yes , that is the way mine is setup and it is well worth doing.
I would add that a small piece of blue tac inside the rubber nib helps secures the metal tips.And keep the pen in its case when not in use .


Hi Astropadders, I’m Tom, I’m a visual and UX designer by day and an aspiring comic artist and gamer by night. You can find me at , and @tomheggie on twitter.

I’m currently working on a heavy metal album expressed as a series of photoshop paintings (as I can’t sing or play an instrument). I’m going to share my journey in a separate thread and I’ll come back and add in the link once I’ve got the first “track’s” lineart together.

Love this app so much. I’ve wanted a Cintiq for so many years and now I’ve pretty much got one thanks to the Astropad team. Looking forward to seeing everybody’s work, getting feedback and tips from y’alls and generally being a part of the community.


Can’t wait to see the night work! Astropad has a lot of that… during the day we were building iOS apps for various companies


Thanks for sharing everyone.

@anthane @customfx It’s really great to hear that Astropad is helping you get a new career started. Early on we weren’t sure if anyone would want to use Astropad, and feedback like this really makes it worth it.

Also @customfx that’s a pretty interesting hack, we should blog about that too…


Hello World!

my name is Rob. I’m an Industrial Designer from Germany. I’m 34 yrs old and I used to work in the Architectural Visualisation Sector for more than 10 yrs. I worked on lots of Projects for Dubai in the Emirates. You remember the visualisation of this huge island formed like a Palmtree they pinned into the ocean and build houses and luxury hotels on it? Yeah, that was me… and some other guys :wink: But I kicked my daytime job and being selfemployed at the mom. Running my own concept clothing/jewlery line with 3 of my best friends…

…I’m the guy in our company responsible for the design/photo and graphics stuff…

I like to use astropad for all my daytime works while touring and keep my heavy wacom equiment back home. I even think a wacom companion is to heavy for traveling and kind of crap because the screen dimensions suck really bad for an artist vertical its too narrow and horizontical its kinda toooooo wide with its 16: to whatever screen. Ipad and Surface Pad 3 feels more natural for an artist. Both are way much lighter and the screens has got more brillance.


welcome! yeah I hear a number of people complaining about the screen ratio of the Wacom Companion. Why is that? Why did wacom decided to do something so unpopular?

Also… please share some of your concept work, we would love to see it!


Hi Rob, welcome to the community. Looking forward to seeing your work :slight_smile:


Hi I’m Alex. I’m a studio and outdoor photographer working at Alex Lam Photo Design daily image retouching and color enhancement specially with skin tones and color balance for final print out. This is what I do and is my bread and butter using the WACOM tablet for almost 10+ years and I love it.

Than I came across with your GENIUS app that I can work anywhere using my iPad 4 RETINA very nice apps I have not download it yet but I will and also I see that you don’t support the NEW WACOM Pen “INTUOS Creative Stylus 2”.

I’m a MAC and ADOBE user PS CC, APERTURE and some LR.


Welcome to the community Alex! Let us know what you think of Astropad.

We do support the Intuos Creative Stylus 2 currently. We have some improvements to that support that we want to roll out soon though


Hi Alex, welcome to the community. Looking forward to seeing your work :slight_smile:


looking forward to seeing you work!


Thanks TomHeggie I can see you already done some great works with that… :smile:


Yeah as a matter fact I was on the phone yesterday with WACOM tech support in regard the Intuos CS2 pen and they have no idea that your APP can make any iPad tablet like Cintiq than I ask them about more precise answer in order for me to invest in something that I not get use to it painting on top the glass…


Hi! I’m Candice, I’m 36, I live in France and I’m a (late) part-time student in graphic design and illustration. For complex designs, I usually work with a Wacom Intuos and Photoshop or Illustrator. I discovered Astropad a few weeks ago. Now I use it on the go and for each fast colorization work I have to do. It works very well with my iPad Mini and my Mac Pro.

Here was my first try with Astropad:


Welcome! I Loved your drawing before and I think I posted it in this forum… Please share your work with us


Oh really? Thanks for posting it on the forum! Sharing drawings here really motivates me to draw more with Astropad :smile: