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Hi, I’m Caryn. I do graphic facilitation and recording as well as infographics. I’ve been using Concepts for much of my iPad Pro work, both live and in studio. As a long term Illustrator user, hoping I can move to Astropad plus Illustrator, rather than continually exporting from Concepts. More at


Hi Astropad Community! My name’s Sam and I’m an avid Astropad fan (and really curious about Luna). I typically use Astropad for vector illustration, concept work on our product designs and photo editing. Photoshop and Illustrator primarily and I’m planning on trying it out with Sketchup soon too (not sure how that’s going to work out… anyone else tried it?).

I run a product design and manufacturing business called Helmm. One of our products is a drawing stand for iPad Pros - i’ve done a quick post about it here: iPad Pro Stands

Proudly designed with Astropad!

Please check it out and let me know what you think!


Hey guys! I am Cameron Smith. I am a 3D artist by the name of Pixal Designs. I have loved utilizing Astropad into my workflow with Zbrush! Having this tool have helped me work faster due to the custom shortcuts that I can setup on the sidebar in addition to my custom UI that I’ve setup for Zbrush. I have supported Luna and can’t wait to see what this brings to the table in my designs and workflow. I do a lot of science fiction and Star Wars concepts. I bring these designs to life via 3D printing and CNC machining. Glad to be a part of this awesome community!!

To see what I’ve done, check out my instagram: pixal_designs


Hello all, I’m Tara. I work as a user experience researcher and don’t consider myself an artist. I’ve always wanted to try drawing digitally however, but tablets were either a) screenless and that doesn’t work for me or b) super expensive! I saw the Pro app featured in the App Store and ended up buying the standard as I don’t get own an Apple Pencil. Looking forward to getting one and drawing with pressure sensitivity, however!


Hi Ronge,
my name is Rudy and I’m an enthusiastic photographer. I just learned about the possibility to use my iPad Pro as a tablet for Photoshop. So I’m the ultimate beginner as I just downloaded and installed the software. Pretty cool stuff as far as I can tell so far, but also not without problems.
Before I start with maybe the tenth variation of the same issue I’ll do my homework and check for postings available.

Looking forward to fruitful discussions and exchanges on this platform!
PS: My native language is German, please excuse uneven grammar and the like …


I got an iPad and astropad ap hoping to use it for editing in Photoshop CC. I saw a couple of reviews on youtube but they don’t show how to set things up and use it for editing photoshop images I have up on my MacBook. Any suggestions? I really need help getting started and learning how to do basic editing. Thank you.


Hi! I’m Ayelen an Argentinian illustrator and Designer, you can check my stuff at
I work with Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, adobe etc currently learning blender (And oh my gosh 3D is hard)
I discovered Astropad thanks to a youtube I follow that recommended the Studio version along with other awesome apps I’ve been using too :slight_smile:

Thanks for such an incredible tool!


Hello my name is Neil, and I am really enjoying Astropad.

I do have a question which is, can you use the two fingers to rotate the image in photoshop? If so, could you please explain how



hi there, tinyflea here, i’ve been a one man casual game/animation producer for about 15 years now. Started moving to mac os about 4 years ago, after a long heated debate with myself I picked up an ipad pro in Jan instead of a cintiq. Stilll use adobe animate(flash) for graphics creation/animation, tho building games with phaser now insead of as3. Love astropad!!!


Hello to everyone here. My name is Brady. I like to draw comics/cartoons ( dark humor )and I like to make logos. I am terrible at drawing with a mouse, so I bought the iPad Pro and iPencil. I bought the Astropad Studio version and opened up Adobe Illustrator and when I went to use my iPencil, i still got those straight lines with the little handlebars. I thought that I would be able to draw just like i do on paper but instead, now I just have the choice of using my mouse on the desktop or use my iPencil, with same functions as a mouse. Is there any way to just use the pencil, like a pencil or do I need a different drawing program that allows that? Thanks. Astropad is a very cool app. Hope to meet some cool people within this community.


Hello everyone! I’m “g” and I’ve been an art director / graphic designer since the stone tablet age, or at least since waaaaay before tablets and touch screens and computers in everyone’s pocket. I’ve been using Astropad Studio for about a year, on my iPad Pro with PhotoShop on my Mac and love it! My Luna Display arrived today and I’m here to learn some tips and tricks from everyone.


Hey I’m Brian John Park from Portland OR. I’m a graphic designer and illustrator. I use procreate a lot but got astropad so I could work fully vector in illustrator. Super excited to get started.


Hello, I’m Mark from the UK! I am interested in drawing comics and illustrations - I’m super into using my iPad for this and while the software on the App Store can get me a long way I still need photoshop for some finishing touches. I have a couple of Lunas and am loving using them with astropad.