Say Hi and introduce yourself!


@Malyse Thanks for the reply. :disappointed_relieved: i liked the dark interface…


Oh I like the hockey tape idea! It would be much easier to get on the pencil.


Thanks for the feedback Malyse. Is Corel Painter on that list? It would be ideal to allow us to share our keyboard shortcuts, especially for teaching.


@Ergin_Artesia Yes, adding improved compatibility with Corel Painter is on our priorities list.


I hope that helps ya! i didnt mean to be over detailed but well… i am me lol Hi by the way


Hi, everyone! Just joined the community to raise my voice in windows development support! Keep up the good work! Can’t wait (b’u’)b


Hi to you AzraelRedeemed! It does help.


Hi Everyone,
My name is Chip Pedersen. I have been in the Tech Industry for 27+ years. 21 of those years making video games. I went to college for art, but ended up on the Production side, then on to running studios. The reason I got my first job in the game industry is because I could talk to both artists and engineers. Santa brought me an iPad Pro last year and I got back into creating art. I have my own indie game studio where I have been doing the art and coding on small mobile games. The iPad pro and AstroPad has made it easier to do my work digitally wherever I am, or the mode strikes me. I have moved a lot for work. All 3 of my sons were born in different states. Work has allowed me to travel the world and meet a lot of incredible people who have taught me many things. I’m glad to be back in Minnesota where I was born and near family.



My name is Tyrone Jackson and I am an illustrator, graphic designer, comic book inker and letterer. I am also the CEO of SoveReign Comics,
I purchased Astropad for my iPad pro about 8 months ago and just recently purchased Astropad pro. I’m still getting used to the mechanics of it as I still used my Cintiq and didn’t make the full jump over to my iPad(except for travel) and the Astropad app.
Recently, I decided to make the full move over to Astropad so, I figure it’s time to learn everything that there is to learn about it. So far though, I really enjoy it.


Hi! I’m a professional Retoucher primarily working in photoshop, capture one and Lightroom. My usb connected Wacom Intuos Pro graphicss tablet is in need of an upgrade but for twice the investment I could get a new iPad Pro, Stylus, Apple care and your pro software. I’m a bit apprehensive as I’ve been using a Wacom tablet for well over a decade. Please make me feel better as it sounds like an awesome switch.


Is amazing as it sounds, even if you just pick the Standard version, if you are and advanced the Studio version does more than a Cintiq.


Magnificent work on your website Andre!

Leith in Oz.


Hello Astropad Community,

My name is Minton Brooks. I am consultant, bringing Lean-Agile-Kanban methods to large IT organizations. In a prior life, I was an editorial/graphic designer and art director. In my current work, I create my own training slides, and that is the context for my purchase of Astropad Studio. I have tried products over the years, including a Wacom Intuos Pro Pen Tablet. But it didn’t work for me really until the iPad Pro with Pencil. I love that combo, and I look forward to extending the functionality and utility for my work, which is centered around Powerpoint.


Hi! I’m Audra and I’m a comic artist who’s been using Astropad since it launched! I’m currently using Astropad Studio and enjoying it on my iPad Pro!


Malyse and HYR,

I wanted to let you know I finally got the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil and bought It’s working GREAT with my arthritic hands!

Thanks again for the suggestions!


Hi all,
My name is Anna. I’m a graphic designer from Sweden and I haven’t done any illustration for about 20 years but I’m hoping to have a go again now with Astropad on my new iPad Pro. I heard about Astropad from the lovely Andy J Pizza on his podcast
Really looking forward to try this out now :blush:


My name is Sara. I am a digital painter after a decade painting with acryl. Now I use Artrage om my Mac and Astropad to paint on my tablet. I ask myself of the yearly amount for Studio instead of Standard is worthwhile for me considering my income. It is a great program and Artrage as well as Astropad have given me new inspiration to paint again.


Hi, I’m Mark and I’m a digital artist illustrator (and a photographer); since this is Adobe’s 30th I’ve been telling people I had a beta version 0.6 I think it was of Photoshop in 1986 :slight_smile: so I’ve been at this for awhile! Must say I’m pretty happy with Procreate and Graphic on the iPad Pro and some of the Adobe iOS apps, but very pleased with being able to use Astropad on the Mac. Great job and looking forward to learning more!


Welcome Anna,Sarah, and Mark!



Hey, Michael/powers here.

Been using astropad for a year or so now, but just now joining the community because, well, I have a question! Yes I’m that guy. See you 'round!