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Welcome to the Astropad community! Introduce yourself and tell us who you are and what you’re up to. Don’t forget to include what kind of art you do!

I’m Matt, one of the creators of Astropad. I’m first and foremost a developer but I’m also an amateur artist. I’ve dabbled in watercolor and photography with my trusty (and now old) Nikon D70. Lately, I’ve been working on sketching as I work through How to Draw on the Right Side of the Brain.

You can find me on Twitter at @mronge and reach my at

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Hello, I’m Hanzz. A digital caricature artist. I used to paint with ArtRage, but now I’ve turned to Mischief software. I look forward to seeing this devellop into a great piece of artcreating software.
If you want to see some of my recent work, you can find it on my facebookpage.


Welcome Hanzz! Mischief looks like a really awesome piece of software. We are going to make Astropad work even better with it.


Nice! Can we have a link to your Facebook page?
PS: We will need to polish our support around Mischief and ArtRange

#8 here are my digital works… and here (to be complete) my live drawing work.


Thanks for the links! I like the animated gifs/movies you have of your work in progress. How do you go about recording those?


Hi! I’m Lluis, and I’m an iOS developer from Barcelona, Catalonia. I discovered this app because some of the developers I follow tweeted it. I tried it as I do with a lot of apps but when I did, I realized that this was a really good app, the response was so fast and I was so amazed that I bought one of the recommended stylus right away. Also, I’ve been going for years without drawing and bought the book that @mronge mentioned (it’s funny the coincidence) so it seems that the app made me regain the joy of drawing. Also, doing it on Photoshop is easier as a “digital” person, you can erase quickly, improve what is wrong, etc… most of the things that would make you start all over again on paper, can be avoided with digital. I always knew this but never had the right tools to try it. This app is the best tool to do this! Thanks :smiley:

Over past years I’ve done some photography, you can see some of them here

I uploaded one of the portraits I did with the app here Frank Underwood (House of Cards) portrait Looking forward to share more.


Hey, I am Edwin Tofslie. I helped the awesome guys at Astropad with their design for the brand, website and some app work! Awesome to be part of this and using Astropad as a beta user was just as awesome as using the final product.


I love that book! How far are you into it? When I started the app was still rough enough I couldn’t use it fulltime so I got the workbook that goes with it too


My name is Rob Chambers and I am a webcartoonist. I’ve been publishing my D&D-inspired webcomic, MeatShield, for a little over 5 years now. I mostly use Manga Studio 5 EX for my illustration work and so far, Astropad seems to be working great! There’s a learning curve, sure, but I had the same learning curve when I switched to drawing digitally anyway. Keep up the good work, guys!
Also, because I’m apparently shameless, here’s the link to my comic:


Hi Mronge, I do each step on a separate layer. When finished ,I make a small window and take screenshots of each layer,wich I combine in a gif animation app


Just finished chapter 9 (drawing a profile portrait), the exercise is the portrait I posted :smile: so I’m at chapter 10 (lights and shadows). I’m looking forward to finish it and do the self-portrait exercise again. Also, you won’t believe how bad it was my “recall” drawing (what a shame), so the improvement is amazing. I’m doing it all on Astropad + Photoshop CS6 and the buttons on my Adonit are for undo/redo, I still have to undo a lot to get it right :sweat_smile:


Hi, I’m Andre and I’m a freelance artist illustrator and portrait painter. I work on a Mac Pro with a Wacom Intuos pro graphics pad when working digitally. I use mainly Photoshop and Corel Painter for my artwork. I’ve been illustrating now since before it was possible to use a computer to work on, but adopted it as soon as it made financial sense.
On the non commercial side I use oils watercolour pastel and dry media to produce my artwork.
If you are interested you can see some of my work on my website at
You have created a really interesting tool here and I hope it soon supports more of the software I use.


I think this is a great idea. I am retired and I wanted to try my hand at some digital painting. I had an old ipad2 and have just upgraded to use a pressure sensitive stylus the jot touch. I have a Mac mini and the Astropad seems like a great solution for my new hobby to enable me to use my iPad as a painting surface. Thanks guys.


Hello I do not have astorpad yet because I dont own a mac.


Hello. My name is Ricardo and I’m from Lima, Perú. I draw mangas and used to publish a fanzine alogside some of my friends. Know I’m teaching a basic course of How to Draw Manga at an graphic design institute.



I am Andrew St Peter, a Product Design Student at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI. I love sketching on Sketchbook Pro and Photoshop.

I invested heavily on my apple laptop, and with a limited student budget, need to find an alternative to a cintiq tablet. I have tried many different mirroring software, and inexpensive graphics tablets, with no suitable substitution.

Im looking forward to trying out Astropad. So far with the 5 minutes I’ve tried it, it’s seriously impressive. Great job!!!


Hi…just came across this app, so far I like it a lot. I am a graphic designer with one of the major music labels and a freelancer in my spare time. Astropad works great for me. Using it right now for an Illustrator sketch idea.


Thank you! I would love to see the work you make with it!