Rotation for standard


A question/suggestion to the astropad team.

I do believe in (and understand) your product segmentation - Standard as an introductory solution and Studio for professional use. This ensures that you gain recognition and are paid for the awesome work you do.

I do sketching as a hobby and Standard suits my needs perfectly. Except for ONE thing. (there are small glitches, etc, apart from that… this one thing.) Panning, zooming and canvas rotation are some basic functions for sketching, irrespective of professional or small work. Though the Studio edition covers this and all other gestures and features, I believe that the Standard edition would benefit from including the canvas rotation gesture. This would ensure that the Standard covers the basic needs, while the Pro builds on to provide additional features.

We (myself and other standard users) would appreciate if you could do this.

astropad team: could you share your thoughts on this topic?


Thank you for the feedback and suggestion, it helps us ideate as we improve upon Astropad :slight_smile:

What programs do you normally use with Astropad?
We’ll make note about canvas rotation, and see if this is a feature for future consideration.


As an industrial designer, I primarily use astropad as a cintiq to get my ideas out. Sketchbook pro, photoshop, affinity designer and photo are my common tools. I am looking at Mischief and Clipstudio to see if they are better/can replace my existing tools. Having the rotation feature would help me work quickly with easy to use gestures, rather than depending on keyboard shortcuts.

Would be interested in the list of features and 3D programs that will be supported.



any further thoughts/progress on this feature being brought to the Standard version?


@nosywiz We appreciate taking the time to further inquire and voice your opinion on this.

Canvas rotation gesture for Astropad Standard is not in our immediate plans.

We do understand and agree with some of the points in your suggestion,
but Standard’s development is focused on other improvements at this time.

We will still consider the feedback/suggestion as we consider future additions to Standard.