Rhino (CAD) on astropad


I am using astropad for everything, even CAD.

since I’m using this, my macbook is lying in the shelf, plugged in to power. just walking with an iPad through the office using macos on it.
after some tweaks it was very easy to work with rhino3D, adobe apps etc.

I first used custom shortcuts of astropad linked to my configured aliases on rhino3d, like ‘extrude curve’. this is for the rhino alias ‘ec’ . you have to tap and hold in astropad ‘E’ ‘C’ and ENTER, after each other. only this leads to typing in the command dialog ‘ec’ and hitting enter in one shortcut.
But the list is long, and there IS NO SCROLLING FUNCTION.

with the one-finger touch + pencil, I was able to select hover, which helps to improve precision, and the use of smarttrack.

I used a lot of apps for iOS and macOS, like shapr3D (rhino-like, but limited and not working basics, uMake (too basic and not precise), onShape (not intuitive) on the ipad pro.
indeed you could solve the cad problem, and let some non-photoshop users bring forward more compatibility with CAD applications.
every studio is using its own preferred applications, making a unique app for iOS is not the solution, but bringing the mac to the ipad is.
I think you could put more focus on that.
because rhino on astropad let me work faster as on my macbook and there I’m already fast I think.

you can solve rotate, pan and zoom using the pencil mode, making shortcuts like shift and control , which you use with the mouse, too. because there is no functionality for this in astropad.
is it difficult to make the touch gestures equal to the ones of the trackpad on a macbook?

I really would like a more intuitive, space saving keyboard.
especially when using the command options dialog.
a num-pad would be nice, too.
could it be an idea to make an iphone-sized keyboard for astropad, as a popup for single hand use for a more ergonomic feeling?

remember once you could tear apart the keyboard on ios for ipad and it split into two, half for the left, half for the right hand. I don’t know why that feature isn’t available anymore :grinning:

the keyboard size of the new 10.5 ipad pro is luckily very ergonomic, because of the dimensions , even in landscape mode.

with the astropad keyboard the letters are pushed to the center by the keys shift 1, shift 2,enter, caps lock, tab, move&zoom and escape. have a look at the apple keyboard please, or make it better than apple.

with good wifi 20-50FPS I think, depending on window and memory usage on a macbook pro 15.

good work, thanks!

I hope this is useful to the dev team in any way.


Astropad with CAD programs and 3D Programs like Rhino