Request: ’soft/hard’ pressure curve preset for Standard


Please would it be possible to add a basic pressure curve preset toggle to the settings of Astropad Standard. E.g. a ’Light touch’ on or off button (that switches from the default preset to one that requires far less pressure). This would allow the experience of Astropad Standard to be equally nice for all of its users. The default pressure curve seems to require a really heavy hand. (iPad 2018).

Something like this would add value to standard without devaluing Studio’s special features.

Thanks a bunch.


Thanks for the feedback and added suggestion. We’ll look into how we can make more improvements on this.

Something to try in the meantime,
Go to Astropad’s top menu bar, hold down the option/alt key and at the same time select “Preferences”
This will enable the Debug tab. There try turning off “use adjusted pressure curves” and see if this does a difference for you. Let us know!


Hi Malyse,

Thank you for your reply and tip. I was really excited to try it. Unfortunately, turning off “use adjusted pressure curves” increased the pressure required further so had the opposite of the desired effect.

I’d be thrilled if something could be done regarding my request and really appreciate you letting me know you’ll be looking into it.

Thank you again. Best.