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Rebelle painting software

Hi, I love Rebelle painting software, can you include it in your list of software for use in Astropad please ?
Best wishes, Teresa

I second this request.

We contacted Escape Motions, we would need their help to add full compatibility.
awaiting for their response now.

It would help us if you could also contact Escape Motions and ask them to make Rebelle to work well with Astropad:
support [at]

Giovanni Donelli
Cofounder & Head of Product

Thanks Giovanni for the prompt action, I will contact them as suggested, Best wishes, Teresa

Hi Giovanni, I’ve heard back from Escape Motions. They say that previous versions worked fine with Astropad but there’s a bug in the latest release which they are working on. Sounds very hopeful . . .Teresa

Yes, same here. it looks like they are working on it… so great news for us!

I noticed Rebelle 2 for Surface tablet with Windows uses the accelerometer information to control tilting the canvas as the paint runs down or in any direction you tilt the tablet. Using Astropad on an iPad & Mac, has these features unselectable. Any ideas on how this might be done with Astropad? (The menu option in Rebelle 2 works too but such a feature seemed like a natural extension of Astropad on a iPad).

@Hugh_Brooks Not sure, we’ll have to look more into Rebelle 2.

Seems neat though.
But it sounds like something we would not have access to;
especially if it’s a feature not available in the Mac version or require a shift in tablet orientation.

I have just started playing with Astropad and spent an hour or so this aternoon playing with Rebelle 2 using Astropad and it seemed to me to work quite well.
For the moment the only question I have is how to bring up the keyboard so I don’t have to go to the Mac to save my project. I am using the first iPad Pro, 12.9 and Astropad Standard Edition.

@ClaudiaP Astropad Standard does not have an on-screen keyboard, but Astropad Studio has this function.

You can enable Keyboard Viewer on your Mac for an on screen keyboard.
How to do so you can see here:

Thank you, That looks like it will solve my problem. :slight_smile: