Questions about Luna


Hi, I’m interested in Luna and have some questions , Could you please help?

  1. Can Luna run in the background of ipad? Ie can I run the Luna or Astropad apps, but also be able to use other iPad applications intermittently and come back to it without needing to re-set it up?

2a) I don’t have any USB C slots on my Mac or usb hub. Can I use Luna with a USB 3.0 to USB C adapter like this below?

2b) If so, can I use that with Luna on a USB 3.0 Hub?

2c) Will there be performance degradation if I use Luna in either of those situations above? If so, how much?

2d) I also have a Mini DisplayPort on my Mac that I sometime use for other things. Is there a difference in quality of using this vs the USB C? If so, how much?

3.	When is the delivery date of Luna?  Is it may or December?


The KickStarter promised a May 2018 delivery. That page also states: “Your choice of USB-C or Mini DisplayPort.” As for performance issues, no one can really say until the product has been put through its paces by customers.


@danklim For your questions:

  1. You can still switch between other iPad apps with Luna or Astropad apps still opened in the background.
    When switching back to Luna or Astropad, there may be a momentary re-establishment of connection, depending on connection quality or change, and whether you are using wifi or USB.
    In most situations, they should automatically connect without setting up again.

2a, 2b, 2c, What is the model and year of your Mac?
We wouldn’t recommend using Luna with any adapter, since performance quality is not always consistent or may not work at all. There is so much variability with the adapters that we can only recommend plugging Luna directly into the Mac.

2d. Since your Mac has a Mini DisplayPort, it’s best to get a Mini Display Port Luna.
There isn’t a performance difference between the two types, only different port type.

  1. Shipping has been delayed to December of this year.
    There is more detailed information in our February Kickstarter update –