Pressure Sensitivity in Adobe CC (iPad Mini + Adobe Ink)


Hi there, I’m using a trial of Astropad Studio to figure out if I’d like to purchase the full version of Astropad. It works amazingly except for one major dealbreaker( (that might be due to my hardware).

I cannot seem to get Photoshop CC (or Illustrator) to recognize my iPad Mini 1st Gen as a pressure sensitive tablet. I am using the Adobe Ink stylus which works as expected with pressure sensitive brushes in other apps (Adobe Sketch, Tayasui Sketches, etc.).

Is there any way to get Astropad to recognise my hardware as pressure sensitive?

Thanks in advance! I love the product and if this issue can be resolved, I’ll definitely purchase!


Hi Taylor,

Unfortunately, Astropad Studio is only compatible with Apple Pencil + iPad Pro models.
It won’t work with other iPad models and styluses.

Apologies for the inconvenience.