Predefined screen mapping/area shortcut/gestures for Astropad Pro


Since Astropad does not act as a second monitor ( unlike a cintiq ) I would like to suggest a feature request for people ( like me ) that don’t want to sacrifice their large monitor real estate when using Astropad.

If we could pre-define monitor areas where astro pad would map to, and then map those to key commands, we could have an efficient workflow where we could use astropad with our monitor at it’s full resolution - yet have every part of the monitor easily accessible.

The easiest example is photoshop in a standard configuration. Most of the time I’d want to have astropad focused on the canvas and I want that as big as astropad allows. Then with a swipe, or a click of a “button”, astropad shifts over to where I have my layers, properties etc … with another swipe, astropad shifts over to where I have my tools.

This would solve the issue of having to work with a tiny subset of your monitor’s resolution. Currently, I often jump to 100%, use my tools ( which are tiny and hard to see ) and then jump back to full screen. ( or the other way around … I get confused :wink: )


Thanks for the feedback and ideas :slight_smile:

Can see how this would be convenient.
We’ll have to see what we can do to provide as much screen workspace.

In the meantime, feel free to keep writing us ideas. We appreciate it!