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Powered USB for iPadPro

I’m looking for a powered USB hub with sufficient power to charge an iPadPro so I can take advantage of the more responsive results I get using Astropad with the iPad tethered to the Mac as opposed to WIFI while keeping it charged through a long day of work.
Does anyone have a recommendation? So far, I haven’t found a hub with enough power to do this.

I’m going to assume you’d need something that’s 10w, just like the ipad pro charger. Sorry I can’t recommend anything.

Also, from my experience, even when my ipad pro 9.7 is plugged into my mac, it doesn’t appear to be charging, but it is! It’s just very slow.


Mine usually lasts all day unplugged…I have iPad Pro 12.7" though (battery is a lot bigger) I usually plug it in to a 12W adapter and charges over night.

I’m guessing you need the charger that charges the MacBooks but with a Lightning USB or something. Don’t think they have that. :frowning:

Mine usually peters out late in the day, just when I’m trying to make the crunch of daily deadlines, so I usually just keep it plugged into a power source and run with WIFI. Its a minor annoyance, but I can’t believe there is no hub out there with enough juice to power the iPad pro!

Anker makes several powere hubs that might work. Here is the best seller on Amazon.

I have found one of the main problems with the iPadPro 12.7" to be that it’s impossible to - say - watch streaming TV or movies on it without it depleting its charge even while on the supplied 10W charger…Apple should have shipped it with their 29W USB-C charger and USB-C to Lightning cable as it is the only charger that allows for intensive use without depleting the battery while on a charger…they didn’t, to save money.

To accomplish what I think you’re trying to do (to use the iPad tethered to your Mac without worry of running out of battery) you will need buy the 29W charger, the USB-C to Lightning cable and the Apple Lightning to USB adapter that has both female USB and Lightning connectors…the female Lightning to charge it from the USB-C 29W charger and the female USB to connect it to your Mac. Not a cheap solution, but piece of mind (and perfectionism) usually isn’t. :wink:

Will look into the suggestions. Thanks!

You’re very welcome.

And I should have qualified my “impossible” statement…it is possible by turning your screen brightness to 50% or less, but for an iPad"Pro" that really shouldn’t be necessary, in my opinion. Why tout its beautiful screen and color performance when it needs to be turned to 50% brightness while using it for for more intensive work or entertainment?