Possible to run 2 different windows while working?


Hello guys
I would like to know if this could be possible.
If im using mu astropad to work on photoshop connected to ipad, can i change for example my macbook windows and go to safari for get reference, so use at same time macbook for displaying references, ipad pro on photoshop windows to continue drawing? Or i have only photoshop in both? Ty|


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I’m afraid not. The iPad will display exactly what the macbook displays - it’s perfect mirroring: in your example both will start with photoshop, and then both will display safari simultaneously!


@axel9546 Both Astropad Standard and Astropad Studio mirrors-only; the iPad screen will show what is opened from the Mac side. This helps with drawing performance.


Second / extended display with Astropad, is only possible when using it together
with Luna Display hardware.

The apps cannot work standalone for this support.

Information on Luna Display – www.lunadisplay.com
and more info and examples on how Luna works with Astropad, is available here – https://blog.astropad.com/using-luna/


Ok with luna can i watch reference on the macbook display, and draw in phitoshop windows on my ipad?


Yes, this arrangement is possible when using Luna Display as well.